Kmart slammed over 'embarrassing' flaw in popular fashion buy: 'Horrified'

Customers have taken to social media in droves to share their grievances with Kmart's Boot Mid Rise jeans

Kmart is facing criticism from disgruntled shoppers due to an embarrassing flaw in one of its popular fashion buys.

Customers have flooded social media with complaints about the retailer's Boot Mid Rise jeans, which have caused quite an awkward situation for some; a revealing split down the back seam.

Kmart jeans with a split seam
The Kmart shopper shared an image of the split seam in her jeans. Photo: Kmart, Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor

One shopper shared her unfortunate experience, recounting that not one, but two pairs of the jeans split down the buttocks seam after just a few wears.

The frustration was evident in her post on the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook page, where she included images showing the frayed section along the seam that led to the embarrassing rip.

To her dismay, this wasn't the first time this had occurred, as she stated, "exact same jeans and place of fray." While Kmart allowed her to exchange them, she felt hesitant to request another exchange or store credit, fearing a repeat occurrence. "My bottom’s not that big to bust the seam again," she joked.


The post struck a chord with many, prompting a flood of responses from others who had encountered the same issue with equally embarrassing consequences.

Outside of a kitchen store
Kmart's Boot Mid Rise jeans have caused a furore online. Photo: Getty Images

One member of the group shared her horror, saying: "Same thing happened to mine - was out all day and at the end of the day when I took them off, I was horrified! How long had I been out and about with this going on?!?!? Who out there had seen my butt and not said anything?"

Another chimed in, "I had the same thing with the jeans - returned them as I thought they were faulty, got another pair and the same thing happened. So embarrassing when you’re down the street and realise."

The problem seemed to be widespread, as numerous customers shared similar tales of returning the jeans multiple times due to the recurring flaw. Another member of the group shared her experience, revealing that her jeans had suffered the same fate.

“Mine did the same thing and I took them back and got a refund, there is a fault in them." She elaborated that a Kmart staff member had disclosed that the store received 15 pairs returned within just one week due to the ripped seam issue.

Another shopper shared her disappointment, stating, “It’s given me so much validation that so many others have experienced this with these exact jeans. They’re so nice. I’d like to find something similar from somewhere else cause I loved them!”

Despite the dissatisfaction, some customers said they had found alternatives by going up a size or trying different styles within Kmart's jeans collection.

“I have had two pairs in that colour and both spilt in the same spot! However the black and light jeans boot cut are good,” one customer shared.

“I’ve had it happen to three pairs. I went up a size and all good," suggested another.

“This happened to me as well. I had only worn them two or three times. They weren’t even that tight. Took them back, they gave me a credit and I got a different design.”

In the face of the overwhelming amount of responses, the original poster said she now planned to return the jeans again.

“It’s a bloody shame though as I’m a Kmart jeans lover and have never had this happen ever."

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