Kmart shoppers rave about $29 'life changing' must-buy: 'So worth it!'

The mobile laundry sorter has been selling-out across Australia.

Kmart shoppers are in a frenzy over a $29 laundry organiser that's revolutionising the way they do chores and manage space, in what can be the tightest and trickiest room of the house.

The retailer's versatile mobile laundry hamper has been flying off the shelves across the country, with customers raving its ability to completely redefine a laundry space. The innovative design boasts three separate compartments for sorting washing and the top of the hamper doubles as an ironing board.

Kmart Laundry Hamper
A social media user has shared how she purposes the Kmart hamper in her laundry room. Photo: TikTok/@carissa_mcholme

One happy customer, Carissa, couldn't contain her excitement, sharing the find on TikTok.

"You need to head into Kmart right now because this laundry hamper is everything - you do not want to miss out on this," she said, sharing footage of the item in her laundry.


Pointing out its functionality and accessibility, she elaborated, "It has three separate compartments for your laundry... and when it's shut, you can still access the laundry."

Indeed, thanks to the clever design, you can store your washing basket on top while the hamper remains accessible for your laundry. This eliminates the need to remove the basket and lift the lid to access your hampers - it's all right there, easily within reach.

Carissa went on to conclude: "This laundry hamper is definitely a need as well as a want."

This hamper serves a dual purpose as both an ironing board and additional storage. Photo: Kmart
This hamper serves a dual purpose as both an ironing board and additional storage. Photo: Kmart

Other happy shoppers chimed in with their experiences, and the reviews are glowing. One customer attested, "I've had this for two years, still going strong. Definitely a good buy." Another shared, "Omg we have 2 of them, the best!"

Originally priced at $49, the popular product is now available on clearance for just $29. Shoppers have been flocking to Kmart stores to grab their own.

Inventive customers have discovered a multitude of creative uses for the item. Some have cleverly repurposed it for recycling, while one customer shared her ingenious idea of converting it into a sewing space organiser. Another suggested that it could double as a practical baby changing table.

"Snap them up," the original poster said, "they are so worth it!"

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