Kmart shoppers rave over 'genius' $15 item: 'So great'

The sensory kits are receiving rave reviews from parents of busy toddlers.

Kmart has long been a go-to destination for fashion and homewares, and now parents are singing its praises for yet another reason. The retailer's latest offering, a $15 kids' sensory kit, is being hailed as a genius solution to keep little ones entertained for hours.

Mums and dads are raving about the sensory bin, with one particularly impressed parent taking to the popular Mum's Grapevine Facebook Group to share her excitement. Her "tornado toddler," she said, who rarely stays still, found endless entertainment in the fantastic find.

"Prepared while she napped and she's been enjoying it for a good 45 minutes," the happy mum shared.

The sensory kits from Kmart include supplies to set up a fully contained scene including magic, sand, slime and toys. Photo: Facebook
Kmart's sensory kits offer a complete play experience with magic sand, slime, toys, and various themed accessories. Photo: Facebook


"My toddler loves it too," chimed in another parent, while on the Kmart website, a satisfied customer left a glowing review, stating, "Keeps the kids entertained for ages. So worth it."

The Under the Sea version of this sensory bin is packed with delightful surprises to engage children's senses. It includes slime, magic sand, an array of ocean animal toys, pearl beads, foam balls, plastic sea stars, mini fabric shells, a boat, and even tweezers for those fine motor skills.

If aquatic adventures don't strike your child's fancy, Kmart offers other varieties, such as space, a dinosaur dig, and a mermaid discovery set.

Parents are finding inventive ways to customise the sensory bin, too, as one shared a tip for crafting an edible version using jelly and crushed cereal or biscuits for sand.

"If you have a baby that loves to eat everything you could make it using jelly and then Marie Biscuits and put the in a blender then use for the sand so it's all edible besides the toys," she suggested.

The sensory bin includes features like a convenient lid for easy pack-away and storage; it's no wonder parents are hailing it as a "big win" for their kids.

"That is amazing for $15," one mum exclaimed, with another adding they are "so great" that she plans to buy a couple.

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