Kmart shopper totally transforms laundry with simple $400 makeover

These before and after photos are a renovators dream.

Renovating a laundry can be a very costly task, with everything from tiles to benches demanding a big budget. But one savvy Kmart shopper has proven you don’t need a lot of money to make an impact. All it takes is a few pieces from the popular budget retailer and some smart hacks.

“Our laundry was in desperate need of an update, but I didn’t want to spend a heap on it, so Kmart to the rescue!” she wrote of her impressive makeover on the popular Kmart fan Facebook page, Target, Kmart and Big W Inspired Decor & Hacks.

Using a few key pieces, she was able to completely overhaul her laundry into a stunning yet practical space for just $400.

Kmart reno laundry before
The basic laundry required a major glow-up according to the homeowner. Photo: Facebook

Sharing exactly how she did it, she revealed she used the Fraser Rattan cupboard and the Rattan wardrobe from Kmart for a “quick little refresh” before adding a bench top from Bunnings. She added that the space now felt like “such a nicer space to be in”.

Most of the accessories were from Target and Kmart, with the DIY fan saying it turned out “really cute”.


Dozens of other keen renovators absolutely loved the new look and couldn’t believe the improvement.

“What the? How did you even think of doing that? It's brilliant,” one person gushed over the unbelievable transformation.

“Job well done! That is so clever! You have totally transformed your laundry!” Added another.

The refresh not only looked gorgeous but created some clever spaces, too. Hacking the wardrobe, she removed all of the adjustable shelves to make one large broom cupboard.

Kmart laundry reno after
The super impressive $400 laundry renovation totally transformed the space. Photo: Facebook

Meanwhile, the Bunnings benchtop was installed on the top of the short $99 Fraser cabinet to join the two cabinets together and added some seal to protect the bench from spills.

She also used some space-saving solutions by mounting the dryer onto the wall and added an extra shelving unit.

The makeover results received an incredible amount of love online, with the before and after photos attracting more than 1,500 likes and over 200 comments.

While people mostly praised her creative flair, others said she made some really budget-savvy choices that paid off, with one person revealing they refreshed their laundry in a similar way but spent more than $2000.

Kmart laundry makeover
The DIY fan used two popular Kmart products to make the upgrade happen. Photo: Kmart

But there was one issue that others pointed out she should be careful of.

“Please be aware that rattan can get mould easily,” one person warned, suggesting that she ensures the space has plenty of ventilation.

“Please maybe seal it by rolling on a clear coat of paint & make sure that there is plenty of ventilation when using the dryer in there to avoid this happening to all your hard work,” they warned.

However, the DIY expert assured others she'd already taken this into consideration, saying she had sealed the area and often used a mini humidifier to keep the room fresh.

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