Kmart shoppers debate uses for mystery decor item: 'It's not meant for that!'

It's caused confusion ever since it was released, so here's what you should be using Kmart's Wave Object for.

A mystery Kmart item has been confusing shoppers ever since it was released. But now, dozens have shared the unexpected uses they have found for the object.

Kmart released the $5 Wave Object at the end of 2023 and needless to say, it left some people scratching their heads about what it actually was.

Fast forward to 2024 and plenty of people have snapped up the terrazzo-style decor piece. So what is everyone using it for?

One person wondered just that after scoring one for themselves and finding the item pretty useless around the home.

“I bought this because I thought it was cute and on sale... what is it though? Does anyone have it and can share some photos?” the Kmart fan asked on social media.

Kmart wave object pictured with a spoon for scale.
Kmart's unusual Wave Object has been raising questions with shoppers since it was released as part of their home decor range. Photo: Facebook

Suggested uses for mystery Kmart object flood in

The post was instantly flooded with many hilarious and somewhat practical uses for the wave object that surprisingly a lot of people seem to have purchased, without actually knowing what it is.

“Holds bread and sausages when selling at a market for a bbq, works well have used them at our stall,” one person confirmed with another saying “Definitely a soft shell taco holder.”


But the uses were definitely varied and quite creative, with Kmart fans explaining all the ways they use it. The ideas ranged from a paintbrush holder to a business card holder and even a soap dish. It seems taco holder was the most popular, but not everyone agreed.

“No way is this a taco holder! Definitely a soap dish,” one person wrote amongst the comments as debate about its use raged.

Kmart wave object
Hundreds of people online revealed what they use the Wave Object for. Photo: Facebook

“Firstly it doesn’t hold tacos - found out the hard way! But I’m a nail tech and I use it to hold my liner brush,” another person wrote.

“I put my toothbrush in between each grove,” another said.

Many conclude Kmart object doesn't have a use

However, others said the decor item’s purpose was just that - to be decorative with some saying it was a giant Grain Wave replica.

“It’s not meant to be used for anything. It’s just a decor item to put on a shelf or buffet or something,” one person insisted.

Decor object used as a soap dish. The Kmart object seems to be a dupe of this.
The item appears to be a dupe of similar decor items which retail for much more. Photo: Facebook

“It’s actually just decor like a figure so can use it for whatever you want,” said another.

So it seems for just $5 shoppers were willing to test it out in their homes, especially with other similar items online ranging in price from $45 to $66 across Amazon and Etsy.

It looks like this must-have item’s use is open to interpretation, but still pretty useful nonetheless!

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