Kmart shopper's 'delicious' lunchbox creation using $7.50 kitchen item: 'Looks so good'

His recipe video has gone viral with several people commenting that it left them drooling.

A dad has stunned Kmart shoppers after showing his genius twist on the humble toastie. George Georgievski, a recipe creator with a large following on Instagram, often shares fun lunchbox ideas on social media.

Armed with an affordable $7.50 2 Slice Sandwich Maker from the budget retailer, he swapped out bread with potato to elevate his kids’ lunches.

Using simple ingredients found in most households – butter, potatoes, ham and cheese – he walked through the cooking process in an easy-to-follow video. “My $7.50 Kmart Toastie Maker. Taking the toastie to the next level! Check this out,” George wrote in the caption.

First, he sliced a potato thinly – which can be done by using a knife or a mandolin – before heaping a generous amount of butter on his hot toastie maker.

Next, he popped a layer of potato slices on top of the butter, making sure to overlap the edges, before sprinkling a generous amount of shredded cheese and ham on top.

Finally, he added a layer of potatoes on the top, before closing the toastie maker and letting it cook for 10 minutes.

“Alright, that took about 10 minutes, let’s check this out,” he said, opening up the toastie maker to reveal a golden-brown crispy snack. After adding some sour cream in between the layers, he took a bite of the crunchy toastie.


L: Kmart toastie maker with layers of potato, cheese and ham. R: Hand pressing on a toastie with potato instead of bread
He swapped bread for thinly sliced potato to jazz it up. Photo: Instagram/schoollunchbox

Fans react to toastie recipe

His Instagram reel went viral with almost 900,000 people viewing the "delicious" recipe. Many praised George for his creation and said they’d be trying it out at home.

“I just drooled on myself!” one person quipped.

“OH MY SWEET BABY CHEESES *runs to fridge*,” another wrote.

“Absolutely delicious. Thanks for thinking outside the box, can’t wait to try it,” a third added.

“Omg looks so good and my mouth is salivating now,” another remarked.

A Kmart toastie maker on a white background
This Kmart toastie maker is a steal at just $7.50. Photo: Kmart

For those not wanting to get their appliance dirty, one of George’s followers shared a smart little hack, saying: “Line the toastie [maker] with baking paper before you put the sandwich in and then again on top. This will stop any mess from the cheese.”


Shoppers share their own unique toastie ideas

Of course, George isn’t the only one to come up with a new twist on the toastie. Plenty of people shared their own ideas, with some sounding drool-worthy.

“Looks amazing!! I feel like hashbrowns should be next…” one follower suggested.

“My treat is to use fruit loaf, thinly sliced apple, a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon – makes a great dessert on cold nights,” another added.

“Potato, caramelised onion, bacon, cheese and shallots. Sour cream on top once cooked. Perfection!” a third suggested.

“I do that with eggs. Best part is they don’t stick, best eggs ever, give that a try next,” another wrote.

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