Kmart fans left confused over bizarre detail: 'Design fault?'

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Kmart shoppers have been left confused over a bizarre detail in a pair of sports socks.

Taking to Facebook, a shopper shared a photo of a pair of socks that featured a hole on the top of the foot, which isn't shown on the example shown on the packaging.

A photo of 'non slip sole grip' socks hanging at Kmart.
A Kmart fan has shared a photo of some socks that featured a bizarre design in an attempt to figure out what they're used for. Photo: Facebook

"Kmart people... what is the purpose of the top hole in these socks? I’ve been pondering and can’t find an answer!" they asked their fellow Kmart fans.

The question left many stumped, with a few suggesting it was perhaps for Mary Jane style shoes, but one user responded, "The strap would go over the cut-out part."


"I’m thinking rats/mice just ate a perfect hole through them all," another user joked.

"For extra stinky feet?" someone else questioned.

"I think it’s a design fault. Like a lot of Kmart products... The image on the front cardboard doesn’t have the hole in the top of the sock," another suggested.

Woman performs pilates pose.
Many others offered up the correct answer, which is that they are for activities such as pilates, yoga or barre classes. Photo: Getty

"Built-in air conditioning," one wrote.

"Meanwhile, in the sock factory... 'Janice, you had one job!'" another joked.

However, many others offered up the correct answer, which is that they are for activities such as pilates, yoga or barre classes.

"They are non-slip socks for pilates/yoga/barre," one user wrote, also offering up an explanation for the hole. "The hole at the top is to allow for ventilation and means your feet don’t get too hot/sweaty and become slippery during your exercise. It also allows more flexibility in movement. You don’t wear them in your shoes, you put them on when you are about to step onto the mat or into the class."

"Better grip for certain poses/exercises," someone else agreed.

Some people also suggested the socks would be good for pole dancing classes.

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