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Home stylist's 'genius' $28 Kmart laundry storage hack: 'This is awesome'

If you're after more space in your laundry, this hack is for you.

A Kmart fan has blown her followers' minds after sharing a super easy hack that totally transformed her laundry. Dina Santos, an interior designer who runs the popular Instagram page dina.sweethome.style_, showed her 33,200 followers how to change up the $28 Kmart Pull-out Drawer Sliding Organiser.

Finding a better solution for her laundry baskets sitting on a shelf, she put the Kmart product to good use, hacking it to work with the decor she already had.

Putting her own spin on the easy-to-install drawer, she ditched the chrome basket it came with to make it suit her decor and design with her followers loving the end result.

Kmart storage hack
Kmart fan Dina showed her followers how to hack the pull-out drawer and give it a little facelift. Source: Facebook

“I’ve been looking for a pull-out frame for my laundry basket drawer and I finally gave the @kmartaus one a go being the perfect size and I’m so happy with the result and so easy to install,” she wrote alongside a short how-to video on Instagram.

“I didn’t use the chrome drawer that came with it but hubby definitely found a use for it in the garage.”


Using the sliding rails that come with the Kmart drawer, she attaches them to a cubed storage shelf already installed in her laundry. Using two Kendrick Natural Baskets that she purchased from Adairs, she then screwed each one directly onto the pull-out rail.

And the result? Two perfectly built-in laundry baskets that not only look great but are super practical and seamlessly slide her laundry in and out.

Her cheap DIY hack impressed hundreds of her fans with dozens going crazy for her “super helpful” hack.

Kmart storage hack
Ditching the basket the drawer came with, the stylist used her own baskets that fit the entire storage shelf. Source: Facebook

“Oh wow, this is so handy,” one person commented.

“OMG, I’m sorry what ?!?!? This is AWESOME! Mind blown,” added another.

“I didn’t even know Kmart sold these. Such a great idea!” offered a third.

'I'm loving them'

After her laundry hack, Dina said she was such a fan of the sliding drawer organiser that she decide to use them in other areas around her home.

“After using the pull-out drawers bases from @kmartaus for my laundry baskets I decided to use a couple for my spare little pantry and I’m loving it," she wrote in a separate post.

Kmart storage hack
Both laundry baskets now slide in and out of the shelf with ease. Source: Facebook

“It is so good not to have to take everything to reach something at the back on the shelves. I think I need a couple more for a few of my kitchen cupboards.”

Fans were equally as impressed with this DIY with one person saying she had “no idea” Kmart had so many gadgets to use around the home.

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