Kmart has a mini toy air fryer for kids and it's the 'cutest'

The air fryer cult movement has reached a new level with a mini toy version of the popular kitchen appliance now being sold at Kmart.

The $15 Toy Air Fryer has been making waves on social media with plenty of parents dubbing it the “cutest thing” they have ever seen.

Kmart toy air fryer
Kmart's $15 toy air fryer is a huge hit. Photo: Kmart

After spotting the tiny plastic ‘fryer’ - that comes complete with fries and chicken nuggets! - online, one enthusiastic Kmart shopper shared a post on the toy in a popular Facebook group.

“Isn’t this the cutest lil air fryer you have ever seen!” she wrote.

The nine-piece set comes with a see-through tray and realistic buttons to ‘choose your program’, and it also makes ‘realistic cooking sounds’ and has an LCD timer function.


The post was flooded with over 400 comments from excited parents.

“See air fryers are THAT good they are worthy of a kids toy,” one person wrote.

“Gotta teach them young hahaha,” another quipped.

“My two year old got gifted it for his birthday... he absolutely loves it,” was another response.

Kmart Air Fryer
The toy version of the Kmart Air Fryer (pictured) is getting a lot of love online. Photo: Kmart.
Kmart air fryer
The 9-piece set comes complete with fries and nuggets. Photo: Kmart

Some parents were even a little jealous of the ‘stylish’ mini appliance, with one person writing: “I want an Aqua green air fryer!”

Air fryers have been growing in popularity becoming a staple in many Aussie households over the past 12-18 months.

While there are some top-name brands like Philips and Sunbeam selling the appliance for many hundreds of dollars, many have also flocked to cheaper versions from stores like Kmart and Aldi - the Aldi air fryer varieties being a very sought after Special Buy.

One Kmart shopper however recently warned others after a ‘nightmare’ incident with her air fryer, after it damaged her dark kitchen bench.

A Kmart spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle that shoppers are encouraged to place air fryers on “dry, level, stable, and heat-resistant surfaces” and refer to the user manual.

Luckily, little ones won’t have to worry about any such potential disasters when it comes to their adorable toy version.

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