Kmart shopper discovers chilling note inside toy: 'Shocking'

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A Kmart shopper has revealed a disturbing note her son discovered inside a toy she bought him from a store in Sydney's west.

The woman said she found the note on Saturday after buying the toy from a store in Penrith, saying it was "absolutely disgusting" that people would hide such a chilling note ", especially in kids' toys".

She added it was lucky her son couldn't read and she felt "sick" somebody thought it was OK.

"I'm just shocked," she said.

The mum shared a photo of the note alongside her post, which read, "You're going to die in 10 days".

The outside of a Kmart store.
The woman found the note inside a toy she bought from Kmart. Source: Getty

Other shoppers were left outraged by the mum's sinister find, with one describing it as "shocking".

"What the hell that's disgusting seriously what's wrong with people today?" one questioned.

"That is so wrong," another commented.

"That's disgusting, what planet do we live on," a third wrote.

"That is awful," another said.

"What the f***," somebody added.


Kmart commented on the post, expressing concern over the incident.

"Customer service is important to us, as are our customers, so we're really sorry to hear about your recent experience at our Penrith store," the department store wrote.

"We'll be sure to pass your feedback along."

The mum thanked Kmart for reaching out, adding, "I'm just concerned about other kids that will see this that can read [properly]."

"It's pretty horrible people thinking it's OK," she said.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Kmart for comment.

A note says you're going to die in 10 days.
The mum said the note was 'absolutely disgusting'. Source: Facebook

It comes after rapper Barkaa accused Kmart of racial profiling earlier this month.

The rapper, who was born Chloe Quaylee, is an indigenous woman known for bringing attention to important issues for First Nations people.

Addressing the incident on her Instagram page, she described how she visited Kmart Merrylands in Sydney's west with her two young children and asked the store to “do better”.

She claimed one of the Kmart workers spotted Barkaa in the store and wouldn’t stop staring at her, before grabbing two young men and starting to follow the family around the store.

“All three followed me through the toy section with my young kids, snickering things under their breath and laughing,” she claimed.

A Kmart spokesperson said they were aware of Barkaa's experience and were investigating internally and taking it "extremely seriously".

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