The cult $5 Kmart pie maker causing an online frenzy

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Outside a Kmart shop
Kmart's cult pie maker is back. Photo: Getty Images

If there's one thing we all love, it's a bargain. Especially when what we're buying is designed to make our lives easier.

So when Kmart sell their cult pie-maker for $5, people are going to go crazy for it, and rightfully, they have.

Posting in the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook Group, shoppers are in a frenzy about the cult kitchen accessory on sale for only a couple of gold coins.


As soon as one bargain hunter posted photos of the $5 pie-maker and its accomplice, the $5 sausage roll maker, people flooded in.

"Thank you for letting us know!" an eager bargain buyer wrote.

"I'm that much of an influencer our crossing lady was going to get some," one person has revealed, proving the pie maker's sterling reputation.

"I have always wanted to try the sausage roll maker as I already have a pie maker and love it for leftovers," one user commented.

A photo of Kmart's $5 pie maker in a white box on the Kmart shelf with a clearance sign promoting it on sale for five dollars.
Kmart's $5 pie maker is on everyone's list at the Markdown Addicts Australia group on Facebook. Source: Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook Group

"So I have finally ordered one to try for $5. Why not."

Why not indeed.

Cult buy for a cult staple

The humble pie maker may not sound like the most cutting-edge accessory you can have in your kitchen, but thanks to its versatile design, it's proven to be a must-have for thousands of homes in Australia.

The pie-maker machine has taken off in recent years with home cooks making not only savoury pies but also sweet dessert alternatives with its non-stick hotplate cooking a wide range of desserts.

Think cakes, apple pies, fritters, patties, breakfast quiches and more with Woolworths even creating a Pie Maker recipe page on their website for recipe ideas.

The compact design makes it an easy kitchen accessory to use and store, with enough holes to bake four pies at once.

Kmart pie maker with three pies inside and one in front of it with a white background.
Kmart's cult pie maker is causing an online frenzy with it currently on sale for just $5. Source: Kmart

The pie maker also features cool-touch housing and a heat-insulated handle as well as a thermostatically locked lock system.

If for some reason you have trouble with your pie-maker, it even comes with a 12-month warranty.

Is the hype real?

As soon as you search pie maker recipes online, you'll soon discover that pie maker recipes are a very real trend and show no signs of slowing down.

You can also read the 800+ rave reviews on the Kmart website.

"Was not expecting it to be as good as it was" a happy customer wrote.

"I have made both sweet and savoury pies and it’s quick and so easy to use."

"This little machine is great. I’ve made so many things in it," a second reveals.

And a third shopper can attest to the pie maker's versatile abilities: "We use it to make the perfect poached eggs."

The humble pie maker has become a kitchen cult staple due to its versatile ability to cook a wide range of recipes. Source: Kidspot
The humble pie maker has become a kitchen cult staple due to its versatile ability to cook a wide range of recipes. Source: Kidspot

Can I still get one?

The pie maker is currently on sale for $5 at selected Kmart stores through Australia, but your best bet is to nab one online from the Kmart website.

While you're there you can also score the sausage roll maker for the same price and discover a whole new world of sweet and savoury recipes you can cook in that, too.

Thanks to these handy plug-in sous chefs, you'll be cooking in no time.

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