Kmart drops new fitness equipment after lockdown stock fail

Fans of budget retailer Kmart were left gutted earlier this year when shelves were stripped bare in a mad rush to stock up on supplies as the coronavirus pandemic reached Aussie shores.

With overseas factories impacted by the virus, the low stock continued for far longer than most shoppers expected, but now finally they will be thrilled to see stock back on shelves, and a few new items to boot.

Kmart has dropped new fitness items that will have shoppers stuck in lockdown rejoicing.
Kmart has dropped new fitness items that will have shoppers stuck in lockdown rejoicing.

As Melbourne hits the halfway point of its six-week stage four lockdown, Aussies stuck are once again looking to get moving within their four walls.

The latest from the retailer is set to help shoppers do just that with a couple of very active options.

Anyone looking to downward facing dog their way through the virus is in luck, with an $8 yoga mat now available online and in stores.

Kmart new stock yoga mat $8
Yoga mat's are back and retailing for less than $10. Photo: Kmart

An inflatable boxing buoy for just $15 is also set to get people moving at home, as will a punching ball for $49.

Kmart lockdown restock boxing gloves $22
Boxing gloves for just $22. Photo: Kmart

If you do go down the boxing route, a new line of gloves will complete your at-home gym life and only set you back $22 per pair.


Kmart stepper fitness restock
A stepper tool will keep those stuck inside active with an on the spot fitness option. Photo: Kmart

If you need to hit your step count but are trying to stay home, the retailer is also selling a Pneumatic Stepper for $45 complete with resistance bands.

Kmart kettle bell $8
Those missing the gym will love the news that the kettle bell is now available online and in store. Photo: Kmart

A new fitness step and kettle bell are other great fitness buys also on offer and budget-friendly at $39 and $20 respectively.

Kmart skateboard fitness range restock $29
Is now the time to fulfil your teen skateboarding dreams? Photo: Kmart

For a slightly different fitness option, a new skateboard for just $30 could provide a welcome new hobby for many.

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