Kmart shopper's fridge transformation sparks heated Vegemite debate

A mum’s wholesome post showing off her superior fridge organisation skills after going shopping at Kmart has ignited fierce online debate over an iconic Aussie spread: Vegemite.

The shopper, from Sydney, shared several photos of her organised refrigerator featuring multiple Kmart food containers in the popular Facebook Group Kmart Inspired Homes.

Side-by-side image. Left: Vegemite on top shelf of fridge. Right: Jar of Vegemite
A Kmart shopper's Facebook post has sparked fierce debate over where to store Vegemite. Source: Facebook/Vegemite

“Loving the new clear containers from Kmart! My fridge looks amazing,” wrote the shopper in her post.

In the photos, cheese, fruit and vegetables were stored neatly within the budget Kmart containers on the fridge shelves.


However, it wasn’t the woman’s impressive organisation skills that caught people’s attention – it was the jar of Vegemite sitting on the top shelf.

'Never have I seen that!': Vegemite storage debate rages on

Eagle-eyed Aussie shoppers were quick to question the woman’s decision to keep the iconic Aussie spread in the fridge.

“Love that! Couldn't help but notice the Vegemite in the fridge though? Never have I seen that!” wrote one woman in the comments.

“Great job! I've also never seen Vegemite in the fridge?” chimed a second.

Hand dips knife into Vegemite jar
Eagle-eyed Aussie shoppers were quick to question the woman's decision to keep Vegemite in the fridge. Source: Getty

The Sydney mum quickly defended herself in the comments, claiming she wasn’t aware of the unwritten rule that Vegemite should be kept in the cupboard.

“I seriously didn't know it wasn't supposed to be in the fridge, my partner is Aussie and his family put their Vegemite inside the fridge so I did the same thing,” she explained.

How to store Vegemite, according to the manufacturers

Vegemite is a yeast spread that is rich in B vitamins and was first launched in Australia in 1923.

Vegemite continues to be Australia’s most popular yeast spread, with more than 22 million jars of the condiment manufactured each year.

According to Vegemite’s website, approximately 80 per cent of households have a jar of the salty yeast spread in their pantries.

“Vegemite is a shelf stable product and once opened can be stored in the cupboard or pantry right up until the best before date,” reads the Vegemite website.

While Vegemite doesn’t need to be refrigerated after opening, it is recommended that it is stored in a pantry or cupboard out of direct sunlight when you’re finished using it.

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