Why your home may look disorganised - and 5 ways to make it feel luxurious on a budget

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Here's how to make your home feel more luxurious. Credit: Getty Images

In a time where we're spending more time than ever at home, it's important to feel that it's is our haven. By adding a few little extra touches you can turn your everyday living space in to something that feels a just a little bit luxe.

Here's how to bring a high-end feel to your home:

1. Reduce what you have

"The first step to creating a more luxurious feeling at home is to assess what you currently have and remove anything that you don't love," advises interior designer Naomi Brand.

"Get rid of any unnecessary items and replace them with things that better suit your style and this will automatically make your space feel better and more curated. Then, invest in some storage so everything has a place, and doesn't make your space look disorganised."

Making a feature of your storage can up the luxe factor. We love the Adairs Anderson Palm Print Rectangle Storage boxes, $34.99, and the West Avenue Bamboo 4-Cube Bookshelf, $129.

Adairs Anderson Palm Print Rectangle Storage boxes, $34.99
West Avenue Bamboo 4-Cube Bookshelf, $129.

2. Stick to a certain colour scheme

"If you’re looking to make your home feel more aesthetically attractive and create flow, a simple trick is to find a colour scheme and furniture style that you like and use it consistently around your home," says Naomi.

"An easy way to make your home feel more stylish is to stick to neutral colours as they are sleek and timeless."

It's not an easy task to replace furniture, but a few strategically placed items can bring a cohesive feel to a place. A neutral throw, such as Home Republic's Newport Natural Chunky Knit Throw, $139.99, can be added to a bed or chair to bring a touch of chic to a space. A wooden chair in the corner, will add an upmarket timeless feel to any room. We like the Harper Wooden Dining Chair, $260.00, from Interior Secrets.

Home Republic's Newport Natural Chunky Knit Throw, $139.99
Harper Wooden Dining Chair, $260.00
Harper Wooden Dining Chair, $260.00. Credit: Interior Secrets


3. Use scent

Fragrance can immediately bring a luxurious feel to a space. Whether it's a candle in the living area, or a beautiful scented shower gel that wafts through the bathroom, scent can really add to a luxe feel. Create a garden party vibe in your lounge room with the gorgeous Glasshouse Flower Show candle, $54.95. It will remind you of spring blossoms, with notes of jasmine, orange flower, ylang ylang and pink pepper.

In the shower, don't go past Bulldog Mens Lemon & Bergamot Shower Gel, $14. Although it's officially designed for men, the notes of orange, lemon, lime and bergamot will have you seriously swooning. It smells like a luxury hotel room, and looks high end sitting in the shower too.

Glasshouse Flower Show candle, $54.95
Bulldog Mens Lemon & Bergamot Shower Gel, $14

4. Install smart technology

"For the ultimate luxury in your home, install smart technology to give you a home assistant and the ability to control your home with voice commands," says Naomi.

"The Echo Dot, $59, and the Echo Show 8, $149, are both are available in glacier white and charcoal for a sleek finish. Even better, find compatible smart home devices like SwitchBot, $134.26, that can do things like turn off your lights, start your coffee machine or open your blinds, all by asking Alexa. Because what's more amazing than having your lights turn off as soon as you head to bed, your favourite music just a voice command away, or your coffee machine turning on without you even having to ask?!"

Echo Dot, $59
Echo Dot, $59. Credit: Amazon
Echo Show 8, $149
Echo Show 8, $149. Credit: Amazon
SwitchBot, $134.26
SwitchBot, $134.26. Credit: Switchbot

5. Add art

Blank walls don't scream luxury, so add some interest to them to give a luxury, personal touch.

"Once you have decided on your colour scheme and furnishings you can create beautiful aesthetics through your home decor," says Naomi.

"Nothing says perfection like a great piece of artwork that fits perfectly in your home. Invest in a statement piece of art that can become a feature point in your home and a quality piece that you can keep forever."

It doesn't have to be painting either; a focal point such as a statement mirror or clock also work brilliantly.

This Mercer + Reid Encyclopaedia Banana Palm Canvas, $139, brings a lovely tropical feel to a space. Home Republic's Aztec Large Natural Bamboo Mirror, $174.99, is a great statement piece to have in an entry way, in a bedroom or as a focal piece in the living area.

Mercer + Reid Encyclopaedia Banana Palm Canvas, $139
Home Republic's Aztec Large Natural Bamboo Mirror, $174.99,

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