Kmart fan's $3 solution to common bedroom beauty dilemma

Everyone knows that a fake tan will smooth out inconsistencies, leave you glowy and fresh-looking and for many give you a kick of confidence in your step.

It will also pose the single greatest threat to your bedsheets since you ditched waterproof mascara and learnt how to do a proper whites wash.

Paris Hilton wearing fake tan
Any fake tanner worth their salt knows that keeping the tan on your body and off your sheets is nigh on impossible without barrier protection. Photo: Supplied/ Getty Images
White sheets orange sheet symbolises fake tan transfer
These sheets were once white.... probably. Photo: Supplied/ Getty Images

You may feel confident that your tan is good and soaked in, but inevitably you’ll arise to pesky streaks of orange besmirching your crisp whites and leaving you a slave to the laundry for hours.

That is until now, however, after a very clever shopper discovered a clever way to save your bedsheets from that horrible tan streak, without breaking the bank.

Budget Kmart buy a ‘huge success’ for tan-free sheets

White sheets and dog in background sleeping bag in foreground sleeping bag liner used for fake tan sleeping
Fake tan enthusiast Belle shared a very cheap and clever way to keep your sheets safe from fake tan. Photo: Supplied/ Getty Images

Kmart fan Belle was struck by the genius solution to her tanning woes when she was in Kmart on the hunt for, of all things, a sleeping bag.

“I was in Kmart looking for a sleeping bag when I found the liner for $3 and thought I’d give it a try!” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

It turns out the budget buy was the perfect solution to her, and so many other’s problem.


“It was a huge success!” she says.

She says she was thrilled to find because other products on the market designed to keep tan off sheets can retail for more than ten times the price.

“I have been tanning for around four years now, weekly, and I was looking for a way to keep tan off my sheets,” she says. “I know there’s a brand that makes tanning sheets that you put over your bed but they sell for $60 [or more] per sheet. They are basically the same as a sleeping bag except they’re not padded.”

“I used to use a separate black quilt that I had but it was super annoying to wash all the time, but the liner is just so convenient for storage and to wash.”

Kmart fans loving ‘great’ hack

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Sharing her find and idea to a Kmart hacks page, NSW-based Belle was delighted to see a string of enthusiastic comments from other ladies fighting the same weekly battle.

“This sleeping bag liner has saved my white sheets!” she captioned a snap of the buy. “It also has a pocket for a pillow and has also saved my white pillows. I can even put my white quilt over the top of me without worrying about tan getting all over it! I highly recommend this!”

“Omg I need this!!” one woman commented on the post.

“What a great idea!” agreed another.

“Thanks for the tip,” another wrote.

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