Woman's 'beautiful' IKEA home desk hack stuns

While many of us thought our working from home lives would only last for a few weeks, it’s looking more and more likely that our homes could be our offices for the foreseeable future.

And if you’ve been working from the kitchen table or the living room couch for the last while, you might just love this woman’s clever IKEA hack to turn any space into a chic workspace.

IKEA home desk
One woman's IKEA desk hack has stunned. Photo: Supplied

Jennifer O’Neil has wowed the internet with her genius idea, which saw her take two storage units from IKEA along with a piece of stunning wood to make a beautiful workspace.

She sourced the wood from Knotty Live Edge Woodworks, which is run by a veteran and ex firefighter who started making custom pieces as a hobby and has since turned it into a business.

Jennifer attached the wood to the IKEA storage units using anti-slip pads ad she attached rubber pads to the bottom so it doesn’t move.

IKEA storage units
She used two storage units from IKEA. Photo: Supplied
Wood on IKEA shelves
Then attached a big piece of wood to the top using anti-slip pads. Photo: Supplied

“It’s beautiful,” one person commented online, while another said: “Love this so much.”


The storage units aren’t the only IKEA items to cause a stir recently, with Shelley Craft from The Block recently revealing there’s one item in particular that she called ‘ingenious’.

Wood in the back of a car
She sourced the wood from a local business. Photo: Supplied

Giving fans a look inside her pantry in a video for the Swedish retail giant, Shelley admitted that while she might not be a great cook, she is a complete ‘clean freak’ and likes to have everything in its place.

Enter the $14.99 Lazy Susan, which Shelley uses for all her spreads and sauces, meaning she doesn’t have to take heaps of jars out of the cupboard everytime she wants a snack.

Shelley uses the IKEA Lazy Susan for all her sauces in the pantry. Photo: Supplied
Shelley uses the IKEA Lazy Susan for all her sauces in the pantry. Photo: Supplied

“What I thought was ingenious but perhaps other people have done this for years I just didn’t know about it but the Lazy Susan in your pantry. Hallelujah. It means you don’t have to dig down the back,” Shelley said.

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