'Awful' Myer perfume ad mocked over baffling photo

Perfume ads are notoriously vague and artistic and rarely straightforward, but one very strange attempt at selling a spritz of eau de parfum has well and truly taken the cake with a baffling detail that has left shoppers in stitches.

An advertisement shared by Myer last week was intended to advertise an ‘intensely feminine’ perfume from Gucci, but something in the garden-inspired photoshoot seemed a little off to onlookers.

Flora Garden Gorgeous Gardenia perfume Myer stock image
A Gucci perfume that retails for over $100 has confused shoppers with a very strange ad. Photo: MYER

The snap shows a stunning model in a high-fashion yellow and pink gown, posing in a Grecian garden surrounded by bright flowers against a pastel backdrop... looking absolutely miserable.

“An intensely feminine fragrance combining the lightness of the gardenia’s first blossom and the richness of its flower in full bloom,” the advertisement reads.

“Discover Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia at Myer.”

Priced at $105 for a small bottle, or $145 for a large one, it’s no wonder the model appears to be visibly having misgivings at the very pricey bottle she is clutching.

Shoppers label perfume ‘Eau de 2020’

The bizarre shot instantly captured shoppers’ imaginations, though very few seemed to be considering purchasing the perfume.

Many wrote that the advertisement summed up 2020, with its health pandemic, racism protests, bushfires and more, perfectly.

“The fragrance is called “Eau De 2020” by the look on her face!” one person wrote.

“The face of 2020,” another agreed.

“Her facial expression is how everyone feels about 2020,” a third joked.


Others weren’t too sure what her glum facial expression was trying to convey about the scent of the perfume.

“The picture puts me off even wanting to try it,” one shopper admitted.

“If I had to rely on the model alone to sell me this fragrance I’d think it smells like hate,” one more specifically wrote.

“And by the look on her face I guessing it’s not the best smelling!!” another wrote more bluntly.

Others couldn’t help but point out that the advertisement had well and truly missed the mark.

“Well she doesn’t look happy about the perfume,” one wrote.

“Why does the model look like she is being held hostage?” another wondered.

“What an awful advertisement!!” a third wrote. “Doesn’t make me want to try the perfume at all, if that’s the expression it gives you.”

“MYER is so out of touch,” another agreed.

Myer has been contacted for comment.

Gucci says advertisement uses ‘fantastical setting’ to celebrate perfume

Model Unia Pakhomova of Gucci flora scent fame
Model Unia Pakhomova is renowned in fashion circles for her frown. Photo: Getty Images

The advertisement was shot by photographer and painter duo Pierre et Gilles with model Russian model Unia.

Unia is renowned for her trademark frown and even describes herself in her Instagram bio as, “been frowning since the childhood”.

Gucci explained the ad as a nod to ancient and ‘fantastical’ culture.

“Referencing art history and pop culture, the artistic duo has created a fantastical setting to celebrate the [Gucci Flora] fragrance,” an Instagram image was captioned.

“Twisting vines and pale roses complement the new campaign featuring Unia lounging in a scene evocative of an ancient era.”

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