'Best $20 I've ever spent': Kmart buy transforming women's hair

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A woman is taking Facebook by storm today, with a post revealing an incredible budget beauty buy from Kmart, with the before and after shots to prove it.

Queensland mum Kahra Gallet shared a post encouraging other women to jump on board the Kmart train, after a $20 hair straightening brush sent her steaming out of the station.

The mum shared a snap of her 'best buy ever'. Photo: Kahra Gallet

“Got this today, and I love it!!” the mum wrote alongside a snap of the budget retailer’s Anko Hair Straightening Brush.

Brimming with compliments for the item, Kahra shared a before and after snap of her hair tamed with the smoothing heat brush.

Even better, it took her precisely two minutes, the most important information when picking out your hair care as far as I’m concerned.

“Best $20 I’ve ever spent,” the delighted mum concluded.

Kahra Gallet shared an impressive before and after snap. Photo: Kahra Gallet

It’s no flash in the pan either, plenty of others reported the same love for the cheap product.

Over 600 other shoppers liked the post, and it attracted hundreds of comments.

“I have one, love it,” another commented. “Cuts down the time and I have thick hair. Only takes about 10 mins if not less.”

“It’s not bad at all, thank for putting up a review I just bought and tried it today!” another agreed.

“My daughter has been using this for over 12 months and loves it,” one lady wrote.

One woman even shared similar before and after pictures of her smooth hair once she used the brush.

Another Kmart lover Alyssa also shared her jaw-dropping results. Photo: Supplied/ Alyssa KT

Some did argue that the brush doesn’t always work on its own and needs another straightener used.

Others also said it can’t be used on bleached hair, and definitely calls for a heat protection

It harks back to the controversy surrounding a similar product from Aldi, a $25 heat brush.

The Aldi product was also a huge hit, though more shoppers shared a passionate dislike for the budget supermarket’s take on the trend.

The best news?

It’s still available on Kmart’s website, and if the comments online are anything to go off, it sounds like a must-have.

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