$6 Kmart item transforms makeup essentials in jaw-dropping video

A $6 item from Kmart has sent shopper bananas this week, after a jaw-dropping video showing off it’s cleaning skills went viral online.

Anyone who is mildly keen on their makeup will know that keeping brushes clean can be a serious nightmare.

Video stills of makeup brush cleaning from Kmart
A video of a Kmart makeup brush cleaning mat in action has Facebook fans seriously impressed. Photo: Supplied/ Courtney Flanagan

Between finding a cleaning product to dislodge the product, to having a surface to scrub them out on, many of us leave our brushes dirty for far too long simply because we can’t be bothered with the arduous task of cleaning them.

Now, however, it seems budget retailer Kmart has your beauty woe solved, with an incredible, and deceptively simply $6 product being hailed the ’best thing ever’.

The OXX Studio Cosmetic Brush Cleaning Mat is a rubber mat that suctions onto your sink, allowing you to easily scrub makeup brushes clean in what one woman reported takes just five minutes.

Just $6 and tragically sold out online, the mat has been picked up by some lucky customers in stores since Queensland mum Courtney Flanagan shared a video of the mat in action to a Kmart fan Facebook page.

$6 pink makeup brush cleaning mat from Kmart
A seemingly-simple $6 mat from Kmart is a makeup revolution. Photo: Kmart

“How good is this makeup brush cleaning mat from Kmart!?” she wrote alongside the helpful video.

“It suctions onto your sink too so it doesn’t move and it was only $6! I did all my make-up brushes with little effort in under 5 [minutes]!”

The video shows Courtney cleaning a brush covered in foundation using just hand soap and the mat. Within 30 seconds the brush looks as good as new.

Kmart fans obsessed with ‘must-have’ item

The OXX Studio Cosmetic Brush Cleaning Mat is available in some stores after selling out online. Photo: Kmart
The OXX Studio Cosmetic Brush Cleaning Mat is available in some stores after selling out online. Photo: Kmart

The jaw-dropping video had plenty of Kmart fans besides themselves, many reporting they would be scooping up the budget buy at the next opportunity.

“This is amazing,” one person wrote. “[I’m] definitely getting one.”

“What a great idea,” another wrote.

“They are the best,” another promised everyone wondering if the product could be as good as everyone was saying.

“I need one of these,” one confessed.

“It's honestly the best thing ever,” was another satisfied customer’s promise.

Many others recommended combining the mat with an everyday shampoo and conditioner to give your brushes a real deep clean, and leave them fluffy as well.

It’s one of many Kmart buys leaving consumers delighted this week.

Earlier, a $12 dupe of a popular $60 plant hanger caused a serious stir when it was shared by some eagle-eyed bargain hunters online.

In the fashion department, a stunning polka dot dress for just $28 also got a lot of attention this week, hailed a winter ‘must-have’ by thrifty fashionistas online.

Meanwhile, organisers got very excited by an $8 shelf organiser hailed a ‘game-changer’ for clean cupboards.

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