Christmas tree photo sparks huge debate: 'Are you serious?'

A mum has unintentionally reignited an age-old tale of Christmas controversy this week, and it seems ‘tis the season to be argumentative.

We all know those who wait, bated breath, fingers hovering just millimetres above their keyboards, itching to let forth their rage at the first hint of anything remotely Christmassy before what they consider to be an appropriate date.

Christmas tree sparks 'too early' debate
This Christmas tree has ignited the rage of mums online. Photo: Supplied

But what happens when that criticism snakes its way into other people’s living rooms?

That’s what Aussie mum Sharna found out the hard way this week after she took to Facebook to share a snap of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

"Anyone else got their tree up?" Sharna captioned the photo shared on September 30.

The stunning tree towered almost to the ceiling with tinsel, baubles and lights creating the perfect Christmas glow, but it wasn’t the decorations that got people talking.

Over 400 people rushed to comment on the post, with a heated debate ensuing.

Post unleashes the fury of Christmas gatekeepers

Big W Christmas tree 'too early' in September
Shorna's enormous Christmas tree had some Christmas purists seeing red. Photo: Supplied

The post unleashed the rage of the aforementioned Christmas timing gatekeepers who rushed to slam the existence of Christmas goods as early as September or October.

“Ummm it's not yet December,” one lady pointed out. “It goes up 1st Dec in our house.”

“Am l the only one that feels like Xmas was only a week ago?” another wondered. “Beautiful tree though.”

“It’s wayyyy too early,” another piped up.

Others were more... passionate in their responses.

“ABSOLUTELY not,” one wrote.

“You CANNOT be serious,” another penned.


Users hit back say Christmas cheer could banish ‘Covid crazy’

Others thought the early festivities were more than appropriate given the turmoil that has plagued the year so far.

“Honesty, with all the Covid craziness I’ve been pretty tempted to put mine up,” one mum admitted. “We could use some Christmas cheer.”

“Exactly what everyone needs atm is a Christmas tree,” another agreed. “Might cheer up the grumps.”

“Who cares whether its October?” another wondered. “Would rather the cheer of Christmas over constantly hearing bout the Covid sh*t.”

The Aussie mum is hardly the first to start quietly jingling Christmas bells.

Coles created a stir among customers when it released several Christmas buys a staggering four months before the big day.

From Monday, August 31st, the supermarket had 11 festive items hit shelves in its first rush of Christmas goods.

Preempting the rumbles of discontent from those keen to keep seasons to their appropriate time slots, Coles said the move was a bid to raise Aussies’ spirits in the midst of a tough slog on the pandemic front, particularly for shoppers in Melbourne.

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