Kmart dupe of lamp from The Block saves shoppers over $200

When updating our homes with the latest trends, it's a good idea to look to the discount department stores such as Kmart first to see if they do something similar.

That is exactly what one shopper did after spotting a lamp she wanted for her home.

"OMG wanted this lamp from Beacon, called into Kmart today and look what I found and I can tell you there’s not a great deal of difference except the price..." she wrote in a Kmart group on Facebook.

The Kmart Chloe lamp lit up on a bedside table
One Facebook user shared her Kmart lamp find that was almost identical to one that cost $200 more. Photo: Facebook

"Happy dance," she added.

The group was amazed at how similar the lamps looked with one even asking which lamp was which!


"Yes I have one of these too. Good old Kmart," one woman wrote.

"I too wanted the Beacon one & couldn’t get it anywhere & hey presto found the Kmart one," another member commented.

The Chloe lamp for $39 on the Kmart website
The Kmart Chloe lamp is proving popular at just $39. Photo: Kmart

"Got ours from Kmart too. They look amazing! For a quarter of the price," a third shared.

"OMG I want that too. It’s from The Block," another group member said.

"I’m guessing the bottom doesn’t light up? But who cares. They’re like $250 in Beacon!" another group member said.

With the lamps being used on this season of The Block by Tom and Sarah-Jane for their master bedroom, it's no wonder so many people are after the same or a similar look, especially with the judges' reaction.

"I love it... it's so beautifully done," Neale Whitaker said with a big smile when he saw the completed room.

"I feel that Tom and Sarah-Jane have curated this room beautifully. I just love where they're going with all this," he added.

Tom and Sarah-Jane's master bedroom on The Block.
Tom and Sarah-Jane used the more expensive lamps in their master bedroom on The Block. Photo: Nine Network

Some members of the group even thought the Kmart one actually looked nicer than the more expensive version.

"I think the Kmart one looks better anyhow – more modern," one lady commented.

"I have them lamps and got the ones from Kmart, they’re so nice and so much cheaper," another agreed.

Others member pointed out they'd also been able to save some cash by getting lamps from Kmart rather than more upmarket retailers.

"Same as my lamp...its either $29 or $39 from Kmart or $169 from Temple and Webster and looks no different," one woman wrote

"Yep bought one in Kmart $29 same one in IKEA $59," another said. "Big difference… same size a little different in the stand (nothing to warrant a $30 hike)," she added.

Kmart lamp next to a very similar Ikea lamp which costs a lot more
Kmart also has a dupe for an Ikea lamp with the Kmart one costing $29 (left) while the Ikea one is $59 (right). Photo: Facebook

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