Kmart delivery leaves shopper infuriated: 'Kmart why?'

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A Kmart shopper has shared her frustration online after receiving a 'fragile' delivery from the popular store, only to find her items were completely smashed.

Sharing photos of the "really frustrating experience", the woman said he had ordered an assortment of pots online due to being in lockdown in Victoria, but when they arrived they were all damaged.

kmart shopper photos of damaged pots order
The Kmart shopper shared photos of her 'damaged' order. Photos: Facebook

 "Kmart why???," she said, adding it was the first time she had purchased anything from Kmart online.

"I really needed pots and it says on their website that delivery is only within 3-5 days. And because we are not certain when the lockdown will be over I decided to just purchase online and guess what happened?" she continued, sharing photos showing the items wrapped in bubble wrap, but in a box that appeared too large.


"The delivery was so delayed lockdown is already over, it took them three weeks.

"And to my surprise it was all damaged, all the ceramic pots. Either broken or chipped and cracked. 

"Mainly the way they packed it was so wrong, the box was too big and loose for the items. It's only half full they should’ve just used a smaller box, and as we all know the couriers (most of them) don't care about the parcel even though it's already been labelled as 'fragile'."

kmart store
The woman ordered online due to being in lockdown in Victoria at the time. Photo: Getty

In a subsequent comment the woman said she had attempted to ring the customer service hotline but "only got a voice prompt that tells you they are experiencing so many calls". 

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Kmart for comment.

The post received hundreds of comments from shoppers frustrated on her behalf, with an alarming amount of people sharing their own photos of similar experiences.

"I had the same problem. No padding & the box was massive for the amount that was in there. I got onto Head Office, emailed through pictures & they refunded me," one shopper wrote, alongside an image of a smashed pit.

"This is how my package arrived last week too," another Kmart shopper wrote, posting a photo of her delivery box virtually ripped open.

kmart delivery fails
Other shoppers shared photos of their own Kmart delivery fails. Photos: Facebook

However, there were others - including people who said they worked at Kmart - who defended the store.

"As an ex employee and packer please be aware 'smaller boxes' are not always available," one person responded in the comments. "Also the 3-5 day (estimated delivery window) would mean city delivery from a close store. If it’s not in stock locally it is sent to other stores snd warehouse that can complete your order. 

"Please remember there are THOUSANDS of orders a day with millions of people at home. Definitely poor packing skills there though. I can understand how frustrating it is. But remember it was one individual that packed it poorly in an overwhelmed environment," the worker continued.

Another worker agreed, adding: "I actually work at Kmart and we all do pack things as well as possible. For this number of items, this is the smallest size box that would actually fit them all."

She also suggested Click & Collect as a better option for fragile items.

Others agreed ordering breakable items online was risky at the best of times.

"First world problems. Count your blessings, sort it out and move on," one person responded.

"Don’t order glass items online," was another response, while a third wrote: "Ohh lord why order breakables online. Everyone knows it's not great. The punishment is real."

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