Bunnings shopper's 'brilliant' tip for finding bargain plants

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A savvy Bunnings shopper has shared their 'brilliant' tip for saving money when buying plants at the popular hardware chain.

The shopper, who hails from Adelaide, revealed their wallet-friendly secret on their Twitter account @snaxolotl on Tuesday.

Three potted ferns from Bunnings
A savvy Bunnings shopper has shared their 'brilliant' tip for saving money when buying plants. Photo: Twitter/snaxolotl.

Bunnings plant sale tip

According to them, the trick to finding cheap plants is to visit Bunnings stores in wealthier areas.

Why? In their experience, plants that are ever so slightly worse for wear, such as a bit wilted or sun-damaged, are more likely to be discounted by staff.

"My only gardening advice is to go to rich suburb Bunnings because they will mark down plants with like a single crispy leaf," they wrote.


The shopper also shared two photos of their recent purchases which included a ficus lyrata (known as a fiddle leaf fig) which was marked down from $21.95 to the bargain price of $10. 

They also nabbed three ferns — maidenhead, holly and silver ribbon — for $5 each, half their original price.

A ficus lyrata (known as a fiddle leaf fig) purchased from Bunnings
The shopper snapped up a ficus lyrata or fiddle leaf fig for the bargain price of $10. Photo: Twitter/snaxolotl.

'Brilliant advice'

Their tweet was a hit with fellow green thumbs, with one branding it 'brilliant advice'.

"This is the most useful tweet this month," added another.

"Okay I am doing this," declared a third.

One Twitter user shared their own bargain plant shopping success, writing, "Yessss! I got a pothos for $5 and it’s THRIVING now!"

Another needed a bit more guidance for locating the cheap plants in store.

"I’ve never seen a clearance section in bunnings I must be going to the wrong one or the wrong spot!? I want these!" they asked.

"It's usually a random rack trolley, could be anywhere lol," advised the shopper.

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