'Oh dear': Kmart shoppers spot hilarious price tag fail

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A Kmart shopper has taken to a Facebook group to share a photo of a price tag that revealed a very strange price change.

The user's photo indicated the price of Kmart's Sprint Waist Bag had 'dropped' from $6 to $7 - not quite the difference they were expecting.

Kmart price tag fail
Kmart fans have found a hilarious fail on a price tag suggesting the item was on sale, despite a glaring error. Photo: Facebook

"Oh dear Kmart," they joked.

Facebook users laughed at the fail with one user joking, "HUGE discount."

"Someone had one job to do!" another wrote.


"Ahh, maybe the other way around mate," someone else added.

"Wow! What a bargain! I'll take two thanks," another joked.

A look at Kmart's website does indeed show the price was dropped to $6 from $7, not the reverse.

Kmart's Sprint Waist Bag price drop
Kmart's website shows the bag was actually $7 and the price had dropped to $6. Photo: Kmart

It's not the first time Kmart has made a mistake with their pricing tags.

A box of Favourites chocolates recently saw a huge price jump with one Facebook user sharing a photo of the crazy price.

"Gotta love Kmart," she wrote, alongside a photo of Favourites beneath a price tag of $1000.

kmart favourites price fail
It's not the first time Kmart has made a mistake with their pricing tags. Photo: Facebook

The photo quickly went viral in the group sparking a host of hilarious comments about the 'not so much a bargain'.

Some people thought the blunder was "too funny", while others quipped that was one way to stop them from buying more chocolate.

"That's how much it needs to cost so I stop eating the s***," one person said.

"That would help with my diet cheers Kmart," another joked.

While a third echoed the sentiment, saying: "That’s one way to encourage a diet?"

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