Kmart customers praise 'genius' $59 storage solution: 'I need this'

Kmart's clever portable shelving solution has sparked a social media frenzy

A simple yet ingenious Kmart home storage solution is sending social media users wild, as only Kmart knows how.

The discount retailer recently shared a video of a happy customer demonstrating the versatility of their three-tier foldable metal shelving unit. The comments section was flooded with positive responses and viewers were keen to find ways to incorporate the shelving unit in their own homes or businesses.

The video, originally shared by Instagram user and teacher @fortheloveoftash, showcases how she cleverly uses the folding shelving unit in her workplace.

Kmart shelving unit
Kmart says the shelving unit is perfect "for transporting and storage on the go." Photo: Instagram/@fortheloveoftash

"This collapsible shelf on rollers is perfect for when I'm returning books to the library," she explains in the captions, "saving me so much time (and space.)"

In the footage, the woman effortlessly wheels the shelving unit around the library, showcasing its manoeuvrability and practicality. She also demonstrates how easily it can be folded up for space-effective storage.


The mobility and convenience of the shelving unit impressed viewers and inspired innovative storage ideas for various areas of the home.

"This is so genius," one person wrote in the comments, with another person adding "OK i need this," and a third exclaiming, "seriously, how good is it!?"

Many others tagged friends and colleagues, suggesting the shelf's usefulness in their respective workplaces. One person recommended it for restocking purposes, while another considered its potential for an art room.

The $59 three tier shelving unit from Kmart folds up for easy storage.
The $59 three tier shelving unit from Kmart folds up for easy storage. Photo: Kmart

Kmart itself joined the conversation to provide further clarity about the shelving unit's features and footprint. When someone enquired about space requirements, Kmart responded, "They fold up flat, so they are great for use in smaller spaces as you can pop them away when not in use." Kmart also clarified each shelf can hold 20kg for a total weight capacity of 60kg.


Additional comments from users echoed the sentiment of finding value in the product. "We could use one of these," remarked one person, while another simply stated, "This would be useful."

Customers on the Kmart website have also expressed their satisfaction, with one delighted customer posting a glowing review. "I was very happy with my 1st shelf I bought, so I bought a 2nd one," the person wrote, "I intend on getting another two, as they are perfect for my tables at my markets, they give me height, as well as fold up into a compact size."

Priced at just $59, the Kmart website describes the multi-functional metal shelving as having "great utility for storing a variety of items" and suggests it can seamlessly blend into the kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Additionally, customers have the option to choose the four-tier variety, providing even more storage space and organisation possibilities.

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