'Genius' hack for extra fluffy Christmas tree in seconds

A clever Christmas decorator has shared the trick she uses to make her tree look extra plush without spending hours fluffing up the individual branches.

Plenty of frustrated people have taken to social media over the past month unhappy with the way their often bare trees have turned out, so one Kmart fan decided to share her simple hack online. And people are loving it.

christmas tree hack
One mum shared her perfectly 'fluffed' tree online. Photo: Facebook

“Just a little hack for the people that don’t want to spend hours ‘fluffing their tree’ to make it look lush,” she wrote, sharing a photo of her own Christmas tree in a popular Kmart hacks group on Facebook.

“I always wrap a garland through mine, to hide any gaps. Then minimal fluffing before decorating.”

Her revelation quickly received hundreds of likes with the trick being dubbed ‘genius’.

“That is a great idea as it took me about an hour to fluff mine,” one person lamented.

“You’re a genius,” another commented, while a third said, “great idea!”.

She went on to reveal in the comments the garland used was actually purchased from Big W. But Kmart also has the perfect 1.83m Green Garland available for just $10.

Kmart garland
Kmart has a garland for just $10. Photo: Kmart

There were a few people who revealed they had been using the same trick, a few even suggesting other effective options.


“I use a dark green tinsel on mine to hide the gaps too!” was one comment.

Kmart green tinsel
This tinsel could also work perfectly. Photo: Kmart

It comes after another mum’s ‘genius’ Christmas decoration hack that turned a $2 Kmart pool noodle into a luxury table runner has became an absolute sensation online.

Aussie mum Angelica revealed how she hundreds of dollars by making her own lavish Christmas runner with a Kmart pool noodle and budget baubles, rather than forking out hundreds for a ready-made option.

The finished product looks as good as professional jobs that can cost hundreds of dollars. Angelica told Yahoo Lifestyle she estimates she spent a fraction of the price of professional garlands on the whole process.

“All up I would say I spent no more than $60,” she told us.

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