Kmart fans lose it over 'life-changing' Christmas toilet roll hack

A Kmart fan has shared her "life-changing" Christmas hack which has seriously impressed customers of the bargain shop.

Taking to a Facebook group, the user shared how she uses toilet rolls to keep her wrapping paper tidy and under control.

Woman shares her toilet roll wrapping paper hack
A woman has shared her "life-changing" toilet roll hack that stops wrapping paper from getting ruined. Photo: Facebook

The woman showed herself in a video cutting a toilet roll vertically in half so that it could fit around a roll of wrapping paper, while still maintaining its cylindrical shape.

"So, do you guys want to see a life hack?" she asked. "Toilet roll. Cut it in half."


She then put the toilet roll around the middle of the wrapping paper and showed herself shaking the wrapping paper and how it was all staying together.

With the toilet roll around the wrapping paper, the paper can't get ruined because it's loose, it also means that you can pull your paper through the toilet roll neatly and then it rolls back up without any hassle or sticky tape which would ruin the paper.

"Crazy eh?" she finished.

Toilet roll wrapping paper hack
The woman showed how you can pull the paper out with the toilet roll still attached so it came out neatly and then rolled up perfectly when you are done. Photo: Facebook

People were quick to comment on the hack, with many revealing they'd never thought of it before.

"Something I didn't know I needed that I definitely needed," one user wrote.

"This is going to be a game changer this Christmas, awesome idea," another added.

"What is this witchcraft I just witnessed," someone else joked.

"That's fantastic...better than sticky tape!" another said.

Others called it "life-changing", while some said that their minds were blown.

One user suggested a variation of the hack, "How good is it I've been doing it for years even use the paper towel ones for the longer rolls so more is covered."

Another agreed, saying she'd been doing it for years as well as it keeps the paper "very neat".

$2 Kmart Christmas hack

Pool noodle Christmas centrepiece hack
Another Christmas hack that's been going viral recently has been using a $2 Kmart pool noodle to create a table centrepiece. Photo: Supplied

Another Christmas hack that's been going viral recently has been using a $2 Kmart pool noodle to create a table centrepiece.

Angelica, the woman who kicked off the trend explained to Yahoo Lifestyle how to pull off the clever trick.

Using a $2 Kmart pool noodle fortified with a curtain rod placed through the middle to create a base, she simply glued a variety of decorations on top with a hot glue gun.

“After gluing all the baubles down and [making] my base I went in and filled all the gaps with my decorations (the key is to find bigger flowers and leaves to fill in the gaps). After that was done I sprayed it with fake snow.”

The finished product looks as good as professional jobs that can cost hundreds of dollars. Angelica told Yahoo Lifestyle she estimates she spent a fraction of the price of professional garlands on the whole process.

“All up I would say I spent no more than $60,” she says. “I got a lot of the decorations from Kmart, Target and Big W [as well as] a beautiful shop in Rouse Hill called Lifestyle Living.”

With reporting by Penny Burfitt.

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