Bizarre detail in Kmart fridge hack sparks 'aggressive' backlash

A mum’s attempt to share a clever hack to reduce soft drink intake has backfired dramatically after a slightly unusual detail in her photo prompted a ‘revolution’.

Mum of five Caterina took to an online Kmart hack Facebook page to share her clever use for Kmart’s $1 Mason jar cups but never expected to prompt a ferocious discussion about the contents of the fridge said cups were pictured in.

Image of Kmart store in Australia
A Kmart fridge hack has caused a bizarre firestorm online. Photo: Getty Images

“What's not to love about these $1 Glasses from Kmart?” she asked alongside a photo of a range of the glasses pre-filled with drinks in her fridge.

It turns out, quite a bit, as thousands rushed to demand why the single mum’s fridge was somewhat strangely filled with nothing but drinks and fruit.

The photo shows the mason jars taking up one shelf, with other shelves filled with fruit and juice poppers.

Fridge detail kicks off online storm

Kmart mason jar fridge hack image drinks fridge sparks outrage
Caterina's very organised fridge had some onlookers baffled. Photo: Supplied

It instantly prompted dozens of comments from furious onlookers wondering why the mum had no food in her fridge, even going so far as to accuse her of starving her children.

Caterina tells Yahoo Lifestyle the experience was bizarre, and explains she keeps two fridges running, one for food, the other for drinks and fruit something she later clarified in her post, but to little effect.

The post quickly racked up thousands of comments, with some getting very nasty.

“I had one lady get quite angry with me asking me to show that I have a second fridge with food in it and that I'm not starving my children,” Caterina says.

“She became quite aggressive with this and asked me quite a few times, up to 2 am [Monday] morning!”

“I got up at 5 am and saw her posts and had to get up out of bed and take a photo of my other fridge to stop her getting worked up about my drinks fridge! My 22 year old daughter woke up to the post and had to defend me too saying that by no means did I ever starve her.”

The volatile responses were eventually removed, with thousands of positive responses left in their place.

“Yes they were removed, luckily,” Caterina confirms. “It was a revolution.... all over a fridge?!"


Clever hack behind the volatile post

Coca Cola behind Kmart fridge hack
Caterina says originally the post was meant to share how the mason jar trick helped her cut down on Coca Cola. Photo: Getty Images

In fact, Caterina has originally intended to share how the mason jars were actually being used to curb her and her eldest son’s habit of drinking coke cans.

“My eldest son and I wanted to give up soft drinks,” she explains. “We would drink our way through two boxes of coke cans a week and wanted to be a little healthier.”

“I thought that the reason we drank so many cans was the fact that they were readily available... I thought that if I replaced [the coke] with something equally instant then getting over our Coca-Cola addiction would be a lot easier.”

Caterina took the furious criticism in her stride, reflecting that sharing idea online is always going to the run the risk of prompting an ugly response.

“If you put yourself out there on a social media you have to expect both positive and negative comments back, you just got to choose to like the comments you like and ignore the rest,” she says. “Life is too short to be worried about other people's reactions.”

With additional reporting by Marni Dixit.

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