Kmart's $20 high-rise jeans send shoppers wild: 'I'm obsessed!'

Kmart has done it again with a pair of stylish jeans that have sent budget hunters and fashion lovers into an absolute tizzy.

The retailer is selling the Super High Rise Straight Jeans for a paltry $20, and being compared to some very fancy brands in the process.

Kmart high rise jeans shopper lose it
These $20 super high-rise Kmart jeans have shopper going gaga. Photo: Instagram/Prettychuffed

Bloggers who specialise in turning budget buys in high-fashion looks are big fans of the jeans.

One even compared them to another pair of jeans that, while still cheap, retail for a much pricier $75- $100.

“These are the Super High Rise jeans from @kmartaus that are the talk of the town!” Style Not Size blogger Sarah-Elyss wrote alongside a snap of her rocking the jeans.


“Very similar to my all-time favs from @nextofficial_au.”

Others also jumped on the bandwagon.

Pretty Chuffed blogger Jasmine wrote she was ‘pretty much obsessed’ with the jeans, while Luxe and Lemonade ‘affordable fashion’ Instagrammer Dani was also a fan, showing off the jeans styled with a casual pair of runners and a stylish off the shoulder tee.

Jeans $20 Kmart Super High Rise Straight modelled size 6
Dani of Luxe and Lemonade showed the jeans could make you look high-end on a budget. Photo: Instagram

“Did I need these $20 straight leg, super high rise jeans from #kmartaus .. no,” she captioned the stylish snap. “Did I want them? 1000 times yes.”

No wonder, with dozens commenting their love of the pants, many reporting they went straight to their local Kmart to get their own pair.

“After this post, I rushed down to Kmart this morning to purchase - you definitely convinced me!!” one woman wrote.

Online shoppers rushing to snap up ‘incredible’ jeans

Jeans Kmart Super High Rise straight leg cut
One woman showed off the jeans dressed up with a heel, as dozens gushed over the 'incredible' fit. Photo: Supplied

Now, dozens of budget enthusiasts are flooding social media with their love of the jeans.

One mum wrote “If you haven’t already, I highly recommend getting your hands on these jeans!! They are super high waisted and super comfortable.”

Sharing snaps of the flattering fit, she prompted dozens of comment from others also besotted with the sleek style.

Super High Rise jeans boots casual Kmart
Others rocked a more laid-back look pairing the jeans with boots. Photo: Supplied

“I have them and love them,” one woman wrote.

“These jeans are everything!” another agreed, sharing a snap of her wearing the style in a tighter fit.

“I also love them,” one lady wrote. “Went back and got a second pair I love them so much.”

Kmart $20 super high-rise jeans tight
The jeans can also be worn snug for a sleek look as this happy shopper modelled.Photo: Instagram

Best of all the jeans can be worn at a variety of sizes for a relaxed or snug fit, with dozens of women sharing photos of how they styled the jeans in different ways.

It’s not the first budget buy or even first bargain pair of jeans that Kmart has delighted shoppers with this year.

A pair of bargain $25 Kmart jeans went viral online earlier this year with shoppers claiming they rival more expensive brands.

One woman shared a photo of her sporting the Sculpting Skinny Jeans and prompted plenty of other customers to share their love for the denim.

“For $25, these jeans rival my $200+ jeans,” Abbey wrote, alongside images of her wearing the Extra High Rise Ankle Length version.

“They're super sculpting, high waisted and tight-fitting. Feel really good on! I got the last pair at my local Kmart.”

Similarly, the store’s $20 front pleated jeans caused a real stir among online budget lovers last month.

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