The Kmart bench upcycle that's gone viral: 'Amazing'

While Kmart has amazing furniture, it doesn't always suit the aesthetic you're trying to create at home.

However, one mum has shared in a Facebook group how quickly and easily she created a unique, "designer" piece using Kmart and Bunnings products!

An upcycled wooden bench using Kmart stone tiles sits on a wooden-look lino floor, with ornaments and a cushion, a potted plant and shoes nearby.
A mum has upcycled Kmart products to create this stylish table. Photo: Supplied

"DIY stone-look bench seat," Tiffany, a mum-of-two from Wollongong, shared on the Kmart Inspired Homes Facebook page.

"Just over a year ago, I purchased this timber bench seat from Kmart and recently I thought about putting it up for sale on Marketplace, as it didn’t really suit my style anymore.


"But after my last DIY project, I had a pack of the $26 stone-look decking tiles from Kmart left over and thought, 'maybe I could give the bench seat a little makeover instead'.

"So here’s the quick and easy process using no tools, just my hands and the products I already had leftover at home."

Step by step photos about how to tile a bench; at left the plain wooden bench sits on a tiled floor; centre, stone-look tile pads are laid on the bench; at right, grout has been applied, ready to be rubbed into cracks.
Tiffany shows step-by-step how she achieved the look. Photo: Supplied

Members loved the result, with the post racking up over 2,000 likes and 200 comments.

"That looks amazing," one wrote.

"I was wondering when those first came out if they could be used on my outside glass top table.

"Think I’ll give it a go."

"This is a brilliant idea. You're such a genius. Love this," another wrote.

"In love with this glow-up! Amazing work guys!" a third added.

'Just my hands and some simple products'

"I had leftover supplies from that DIY project, so decided to give the bench a makeover using those and a similar method," Tiffany told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I wanted to show people how easy it was to create the new look using no tools, just my hands and some simple products.

"I’m always looking for ways to give old decor a makeover to better suit my home style.

"Our home is a mixture of scandi, boho and coastal decor.

"I love neutral looks throughout the house, with little pops of colour here and there, in particular throughout our kids' bedrooms."

Tiffany is not new to DIY and started refreshing her homeware about two years ago.

"I started off upcycling vases I would find at local op shops to style around the house," she explained.

"It's just a little hobby I enjoy doing and I love showing people how you can style and create your own decor on a budget."

She has advice for those who want to start upcycling.

"Start off by giving yourself smaller projects, before jumping straight into something larger, and plan ahead to make sure you have all the required tools," she says.

"Have fun with it and get as creative as you like, because the project is about you and what suits your style.

"Not everyone is going to love it, but as long as you do, that’s all that matters."

But many people did love her work and she was thrilled by all the comments and likes.

"I have loved the positive feedback and I’m eager to see if others will give it a go themselves like I have seen them do with my coffee table hack," Tiffany said.

However, one follower lamented the hack's popularity: "Guess there will be none (tiles) left by the time I get to the shop."

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