Kmart shoppers share unusual Christmas tree creations: 'Mind blown'

Kmart shoppers have gone wild for unique and quirky Christmas trees this holiday season, with many sharing their unique creations online. The retailer is known for their cheap prices, with people snapping up artificial Christmas trees for as low as $4.

Shoppers have decided to think outside the box this year, from making film-inspired Star Wars or A Night Before Christmas trees, to using baubles in place of a fake tree. Here are some of the most interesting trees Kmart fans have shared so far.

L: Kmart store M: Kmart twig tree with pink decor R: Darth Vader themed black Christmas tree
Kmart shoppers have put their own spin on the Christmas tree. Photo: Getty & Facebook

A tree made from extra-large baubles

In a completely unique idea, a Kmart fan made her own version of a ‘topiary tree’, using Kmart’s extra-large baubles. A pack of six 20cm baubles costs just $26 and it’s not hard to turn it into something special.

“Christmas topiary tree made from the huge baubles from Kmart. Easy and fun to make,” she wrote on Facebook.

Two photos of a tree made from giant Kmart red and green baubles
This giant bauble tree is bound to stand out from the rest. Photo: Facebook

The shopper stacked four of the large baubles together to create the interesting tree, finishing the base with smaller baubles and some greenery. She explained her process in another comment, saying that she placed large dowel down the middle for support.

“The tutorials I watched said to drill [holes] but I ended up melting a little hole with my hot glue gun, then carefully gouging it out with a knife. Worked a treat and no cracks at all. I would have drilled it but you need two people to hold it and I was too impatient. And if you get shatterproof baubles they won’t crack,” she explained.

Other Kmart fans congratulated her on the beautiful piece, with one calling it ‘gorgeous’.


Kmart's twig tree: 'Beautiful'

One shopper decided to go for a minimalistic look this year by using Kmart’s $27 low voltage twig tree. Covering it with decorations from Big W and Bed Bath & Table, the delicate tree looks both beautiful and perfect for a small space.

“Kmart Twig Tree for the win,” the shopper wrote in a popular Facebook group. Members fawned over the simplicity, inspiring many to try the idea for themselves.

Kmart Twig Christmas tree covered with pink decorations
This minimalist tree looked pretty in pink. Photo: Facebook

“Gorgeous, I’m about to do mine with Australian animals (if I can locate them),” one person wrote.

“Beautiful. Wish I was creative. You should sell them,” another added.

“I love what we can come up with. Creating is the best. It’s beautiful,” a third gushed.


Darth Vader Christmas tree

A mum decided to show off her Star Wars creation that she put together with the help of her sons.

“House full of boys, we went a little different this year. Costume and most decorations Kmart and a few Star Wars [decorations] from Big W,” she wrote in the caption.

Using a black tree as the base, the shopper used a Darth Vader head at the top of the tree and draped a black cape around the back. She then attached a plastic red light-saver to the middle, and used a black, silver and red bauble colour palette.

Darth Vader black Christmas tree using Kmart decorations
A mum turned a simple black Christmas tree into something pretty special. Photo: Facebook

Star Wars fans were obsessed with the ‘brilliant’ tree, with a handful of shoppers sharing that they’d had the same idea.

“Omg my seven-year-old son would love that tree, he’s obsessed with Star Wars. I can't wait to show him this when he wakes up in the morning. He’s gonna [have his] mind blown,” one mum wrote.

“My husband would love that tree. Our son was born on May the 4th. He wanted to call him Anakin so bad we fought about it for nine days (I won and we now have an Aiden),” a second commented.

“Walking into that room half asleep and think you’re getting robbed seeing a shadow there,” another joked.

A tree for Tim Burton fans

Sticking with the movie theme, another mum shared her mammoth effort with her Nightmare Before Christmas tree.

Using Jack Skellington’s head in a Santa hat to top the tree, the shopper used an array of Halloween Town-themed baubles and an orange ribbon to tie it together.

The Nightmare Before Christmas themed Christmas tree
This tree is perfect for a house full of Tim Burton fans. Photo: Facebook

“Morning all, just thought I’d share our Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas tree with you all. My kids absolutely love Tim Burton movies even my two-year-old daughter, so I thought why not give this year’s tree a theme!” she wrote in the caption.

“Most items are from Kmart and Big W, but I have also made some myself, so I hope you all enjoy just as much as my kids do.”

The Kmart fan was praised for her execution, with one saying that her kids would ‘LOVE this’.

“I love that your tree is so relevant to your family and not just the standard,” another person wrote.

“Looks amazing!!! It is going to be all the talk with their friends, Merry Christmas,” a third added.

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