Kmart and Bunnings customer recreates $1500 coffee table for just $100

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Marble, concrete and terrazzo coffee tables are all the rage at the moment, but they’ll easily set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

That is, unless you’re as clever as Tasmanian woman Samantha, who was able to transform two bargain finds from Kmart and Bunnings into a stunning stone coffee table that looks high-end - and all for under $100.

She shared her idea to the Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia Facebook group, where she explained how she managed to DIY the designer trend.

Hacked Kmart and Bunnings coffee table, styled with flowers, candle, beads and book on top
This hacked Kmart and Bunnings coffee table looks very high-end. Photo: Facebook

Starting with a $60 Home Bazaar Terrazzo coffee table from Bunnings, Samantha said she detached the terrazzo stone top from the steel base, before doing the same with the timber legs of a $29 Finn Coffee Table from Kmart.

She then used a generous amount of Selley’s Hold Up glue - which she said, “literally holds anything!” - to connect the three legs from the Kmart coffee table to the Bunnings table top.


When someone questioned whether the base and legs were attached securely enough with just glue, Samantha added that you could reinforce it with angle brackets but that she didn’t feel the need to.

Bunnings and Kmart coffee tables
The Bunnings (left) and Kmart (right) coffee tables that Samantha started with. Photo: Bunnings and Kmart

The end result is just beautiful and the photos, in which Samantha styled her DIY coffee table just like a luxury furniture store would, quickly attracted lots of enthusiasm and praise from the group.

“Now that’s a terrific hack wow,” one person wrote, “Definitely going to copy this one!!”

Others wrote, “Looks gorgeous!”, “Great idea and looks very classy!” and “I love this!”

Samantha’s creation is very similar to this best-selling coffee table from Freedom which normally retails for $799 but is currently on sale for $559.

Terrazzo coffee table from Freedom
Samantha's DIY coffee table is a lot like this $559 one from Freedom. Photo: Freedom

Samantha herself said she “found that a table like this from Globewest [that] retails for $1500.”

Timber Kmart coffee table hack

Clever home ideas abound on Facebook, and another nifty one from Aussie mum Nicole also uses low-cost items from Kmart and Bunnings to create a classy looking coffee table, although this one is all timber.

DIY timber coffee table from Kmart and Bunnings
This coffee table was made from low-cost items from Kmart and Bunnings. Photo: Facebook

Nicole used the popular $42 Ribbed Side Table from Kmart as her coffee table base, and attached a circular piece of timber from Bunnings to the top before finishing it all off with a coat of natural oil.

In a Facebook post, she says the whole project cost her just $68 but it looks very similar to this coffee table which retails for $719.

Timber circular coffee table
Nicole's coffee table is similar to this one, which is $719 at Life Interiors. Photo: Life Interiors

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