Kmart's $49 trench coat people are loving for the colder months: 'Obsessed'

If you've been longing for a classic trench that won't burn a hole in your pocket, Kmart has delivered the answer

No one does seasonal fashion trends quite like Kmart, and this winter is no exception with the return of the retailer's affordable take on the timeless trench coat.

The restocking of the popular item has set off a social media frenzy among enthusiastic shoppers who are going wild for this budget-friendly and fashionable wardrobe essential.

Kmart Trench TikTok
Popular TikToker Emma Jane Hanson has showcased her elevated look featuring the classic Kmart trench. Photo: TikTok/@emmajanehanson

Kmart has proven time and again its ability to cater to the fashion-savvy crowd, with the much-loved viral piece from previous seasons becoming a must-have, year in and year out. Priced at a mere fraction of the cost of high-end alternatives, this wardrobe staple is catching the attention of women across the country who simply "need" to own it.

Notably, popular style TikToker Emma Jane Hanson has wowed her followers with an elevated school drop-off look featuring the coveted coat.


Taking to TikTok to showcase her outfit of the day, Emma Jane reveals her passion for discovering clothing that "looks more expensive than it really is."

"Stuff that makes me look elevated, on an average girl budget," she says to camera, referencing the accessible price point of the jacket, which retails for just $49.

Kmart Trench Coat. Photo: Kmart
Kmart has once again proven that style doesn't have to come at a high cost, with this timeless tench priced at $49. Photo: Kmart

Kmart has masterfully captured the essence of this timeless outerwear piece, featuring a classic design with a button-up front, an adjustable waist belt, and practical side pockets. The coat's neutral colour options effortlessly blend with any wardrobe, as evidenced by Emma Jane's simple but timeless look.

Emma Jane confidently pairs the trench coat with a cream knit from Cotton On, black leggings, white Adidas sneakers, and tasteful accessories, resulting in a look that effortlessly balances casual comfort and elevated style.

"This is the Kmart trench coat," she says, showing the full-length look, "we know her, we love her, I'm a month into owning her and I'm still finding ways to wear her."

@KmartInsider showcases a budget-friendly styling of the jacket in comparison to a pricier Witchery version. Photo: Instagram/@kmartinsider
@KmartInsider showcases a budget-friendly styling of the jacket in comparison to a pricier Witchery version. Photo: Instagram/@kmartinsider

The trench coat and Emma Jane's styling received an outpouring of approval from her devoted TikTok following.

Excited reactions flooded the comments section, with one person exclaiming, "There is no WAY this trench is from Kmart!!! I'm obsessed."

Another enthusiast chimed in, "This is STUNNINNNNNNG!"

The overwhelmingly positive response ignited a wave of excitement among viewers, leading many to make the decision to purchase the coveted coat.

"Love this!!!" replied one person, "That trench - I'm gonna order online."

Emma Jane summed up what everyone was thinking with one final comment to camera, "You are never gonna change my mind on this jacket."

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