Kmart $15 hat hack sends shoppers into a spin: 'I need one!'

Social media users went wild over the DIY hack.

Kmart fans have started yet another viral sensation after hacking one of the store’s most popular affordable fashion finds - the Fedora hat.

Sparking a huge social media frenzy over the clever and artistic hack, dozens of shoppers shared how they revamped the budget retailer’s $15 Fedora, turning it into something “stunning” using a pyrography pen.

“Just thought I’d share my first time doing pyrography on the Kmart Fedora hat,” one person shared on a Kmart fan’s Facebook page alongside a picture of her completed hat.

Kmart Fedora hat hack
The $15 Kmart Fedora hat is the latest popular product to be hacked by dozens of clever Kamrt fans. Source: Kmart

Using a pyrography pen kit, she free-drew a beautiful native Australian plant design across the top of the hat which fellow Facebook fans described as “absolutely beautiful”.

The decorative Pyrography technique uses a heated pen-like tool to create a design on a material using burn marks. The woman shared that she purchased her pen kit off Amazon before perfecting her designs and used the “cheap” Kmart hats as her canvas.


Her post totally blew up on social media with more than 6,500 likes and over 700 comments on her native design which left plenty of people wondering how she did it. Others loved it so much, they wanted to buy one.

Kmart Fedora hack
The stunning design totally transformed the budget hat with fellow Kamrt fans totally flipper over the transformation. Source: Facebook

“Wow that's awesome. Do any of you sell them at all?” one person asked of her designs.

“I need one!” added another with a third saying “This is soooo stunning!! I love it!”

Offering up her top tips on how to start using the Pyrography technique, the creative Kmart fan said she draws on her designs in "washable fabric marker to mark out my design" first and advised practising on materials like wood to learn the temperature that works best.

It wasn’t long before others started sharing their designs across the page too, with dozens saying they too used the technique to transform the Kmart hat.

The comments were quickly filled with pictures of others' designs not only on Kmart Fedora hats but on boots, wooden boards and more expensive hats too.

Kmart Fedora hat hack

“I have been doing these for the last week and am trying to start a small business doing them,” one person said amongst the hundreds of comments on the post.

Another person added that there was definitely money to be made on designs with similar hats selling for hundreds of dollars online.

“Someone is trying to sell the same hats for 300 - 600 bucks. Yours looks exactly the same. Get on it ladies.. there's money to make,” they said.

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