King Charles targeted by flying egg attack: ‘Not cool’

A protester has been arrested after throwing multiple eggs at King Charles and the Queen Consort on Wednesday.

Charles and Camilla were on a royal walkabout in York when the shock incident took place.

L: King Charles looking concerned. R: Egg flying over a crowd of people
King Charles narrowly missed being hit by an egg during a royal visit. Photo: Getty

In footage obtained by Sky News, three eggs were seen narrowly missing the royal couple and splattering nearby on the ground.

The young man was shouting that the “country was built on the blood of slavery” and was also seen booing the couple. He declared that King Charles was ‘not his King’ as multiple police officers tackled him to the ground.

Royal fans weren’t happy with the attack, and a “God save the King” chant rang out from the crowd after the commotion.

The King and Queen Consort were unfazed by the near-miss, and continued their royal duties in the city. The pair are currently visiting the area to celebrate the King’s new reign.


According to the publication, it is believed the protester is Patrick Thelwill, a 23-year-old Extinction Rebellion activist.

A man is arrested by a UK police officer with an egg next to him.
The man was arrested after trying to hit King Charles and Camilla with numerous eggs. Photo: Getty

The egg-throwing act divided people, with many praising the protester's actions on social media.

“He appears quite happy with himself, and well he should. The royals’ new anti-Meghan, anti-Diana PR campaign is indecent,” one person wrote.

“I hate [that] he missed. Is there a GoFundMe for his bail…? I bet if he stood on the other side, his aim would be better,” another chimed in.

“How do we send bail money? Great job!” a third asked.

L: King Charles looking down at a broken egg. R: Broken eggs on the ground
King Charles was seen glancing at the broken eggs on the ground. Photo: Getty

However, many royal fans slammed the protester for resorting to violence.

“Oh dear. Not cool. I don’t like these people but I’m not going to condone or encourage violence,” one person wrote.


“The silly protester fully deserves to be arrested for assault! His tacky behaviour backfired — the egg throwing incident only served to strengthen support for King Charles and Queen Camilla,” a second added.

“The way King Charles did not even break a sweat over that man throwing eggs is the prize for me. The royal family is made of stronger stuff than politicians, that’s for sure,” a third remarked.

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