Kate Middleton's significant 'wager' with cancer announcement after furore around family photo

The Princess of Wales and the Royal Family will have thought long and hard how they can repair the trust with the public.

Kate Middleton has announced to the world she has cancer after intense speculation about her health. Sat alone on a bench at Windsor, she revealed her diagnosis in a video message broadcast to millions.

But unlike the furore surrounding her last significant update, where she admitted to manipulating a family portrait shared to her Instagram account, this announcement was void of such heavy scrutiny. While largely down to the severity of the announcement, as well as Kate's openness and dignified message, one significant step was taken to quash discussions of authenticity.

The Palace made the decision to go external with the announcement, acquiring the services of BBC Studios to film the devastating update. News agencies have been informed the video received "no edits".

TJ Thomson, visual media and communication expert at RMIT University said after the backlash over her Photoshopped photo, such a move was a wise choice to repair the trust with the public.

Kate Middleton in side-by-side with her Mother's Day portrait
Kate Middleton's announcement has led to an outpouring of support, and has avoided the scrutiny her manipulated family portrait did weeks earlier. Source: The Prince and Princess of Wales

"The BBC is the most-trusted news brand in the UK, according to survey data. Nearly half of Britons trust it and it achieves this confidence, in part, by its clear and rigorously applied editorial values and standards," he told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

"By relying on a trusted and credible news organisation, like the BBC, to share this news, the royal family has wagered its message will be subject to less suspicion than when it released its own (covertly edited) vision earlier in the month."

'Brave' Kate Middleton announcement silences rumours

Several edits to the photo of Kate and her children had led to picture agencies across the world issuing a "kill notice" to publishers, fuelling unsubstantiated rumours about her online.

Kate's announcement ends weeks of speculation about her health, with minimal sightings of the Princess of Wales in public. Sources close to the family suggest the reason her diagnosis, which was detected during routine abdominal surgery, was kept from the public was to allow her to tell her children George, Charlotte and Louis at the right time.

King Charles, who himself is undergoing treatment for cancer, spoke out following Kate's announcement, praising his daughter-in-law for her bravery.

Professor Pat Price, chair of Radiotherapy UK, called Kate "amazing" in the wake of the announcement, adding it was now vital she was "given time and space".

"It might sound wrong to say, but there can be some good and really positive things that come out of this… in terms of understanding," she said.

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