Karl Stefanovic storms off the Today show after co-host's behaviour: ‘Disgusting'

Karl Stefanovic walked off the Today show on Wednesday, after a comment from co-host Allison Langdon hit too close to home.

While chatting about the defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the co-hosts mentioned that sister Christi Dembrowski testified, stating the ex-wife called Depp ‘old and fat’.

Karl Stefanovic walking off the Today show while Allison Langdon watches
Karl Stefanovic dramatically left the set of the Today show on Wednesday. Photo: Nine

Karl, 47, lamented when he heard this, saying, “Being called a fat old man is like…I mean, having been there myself.” His co-host Allison Langdon was quick to reassure Karl by blurting out, “You’re not old!”.

After a pause, Ally added, “...or fat! I said all of them, old or fat!”.

Ally’s correction came too late as Karl was already storming off set, yelling at everybody, “Fat-shaming! She’s fat-shaming again Australia! I’m going on a diet.”

Karl Stefanovic pictured with his arm around Adrian Motte, pointing at Allison on the Today show
Karl even complained to publicist Adrian Motte about Allison's comments. Photo: Nine

Ally, 42, was left alone on the couch in disbelief, retorting, “I was paying you a compliment!”

There was even more drama when Karl made his way to Channel Nine’s head publicist Adrian Motte to complain about Ally’s behaviour, “That’s disgusting, isn’t it?”

Ally Langdon was forced to defend herself, “I basically called you young, thin and handsome.’

Karl declared, “I really try, my feelings get hurt.”

Allison Langdon pictured alone on the Today show looking confused
Ally Langdon was bewildered by Karl's reaction. Photo: Nine

Soon after the drama had unfolded, Karl was shown pretending to cry against one of the studio walls, confirming it was all in jest.


This comes a day after Nine’s chief political editor, Chris Uhlmann took a cheeky swipe at Karl Stefanovic on Today.

During a live cross on Tuesday morning's Today show, Chris said, “When I think of some of the things you’ve done in your career, mate, I’m surprised you’re standing there!”

Proving that he’s always up for some banter, Karl laughed, “Same, same, same!”.

The two were chatting about how the embarrassing gaffe, when he was unable to name the official interest rate or current employment rate.

Chris went on to compare the gaffe to Karl's time in broadcasting, joking that you can't dwell on mistakes, "because then the next performance is affected by that. You have to be able to get it out of your head."

Karl fired back, “What do you mean? When I went to sleep interviewing you yesterday?” prompting Chris to land another zinger, “That was bad, I think that's going to resonate through your career.”

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