Karl Stefanovic rumoured to leave the Today show: 'Secret weapon'

It’s rumoured fan favourite Karl Stefanovic could be looking for his next career move, and it may not involve hosting the Today show.

Woman's Day has reported that the Today host is in talks with Nine to move to a more behind-the-scenes role so he can spend more time with his family.

Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon on the set of The Today show, Karl is in a blue suit.
Karl Stefanovic may be leaving the Today show. Photo: Nine

Karl is a father to two-year-old daughter Harper, whom he shares with wife Jasmine, and his three older kids, Jackson, 22, Ava Willow, 16, and River, 15, from his 21-year marriage to Cassandra Thorburn.

According to the magazine, Karl is considered to be Nine’s “secret weapon”, with the network calling him “seal-the-deal Karl” and hoping he will be able to help negotiate major broadcasting rights for the NRL.

An insider said that while Karl may wind back his co-hosting duties in favour of more boardroom work, he would still be reporting on big stories for Today, like he did with the recent bushfires and floods.


The TV host is one of Nine’s biggest draw cards and the network is reportedly wanting to make sure he doesn’t leave the screen completely.

The insider told the publication, “After more than two decades at Nine, he remains their number one, and they’re doing everything to keep their star recruit happy for at least another 10 years.”

Yahoo Lifestyle contacted a Nine spokesperson who denied these claims.

Karl Stefanovic pictured in a black t shirt, holding his daughter with his partner.
Karl Stefanovic is reportedly looking to spend more time with his family. Photo: Instagram/karlstefanovic_

This rumour comes after Karl stormed off set due to being hurt by Today co-host Allison Langdon’s ‘fat’ remarks.

While chatting about the defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the hosts mentioned that sister Christi Dembrowski testified, stating the ex-wife called Depp ‘old and fat’.

Karl, 47, lamented when he heard this, saying, “Being called a fat old man is like…I mean, having been there myself.” His co-host Allison Langdon was quick to reassure Karl by blurting out, “You’re not old!”.

After a pause, Ally added, “...or fat! I said all of them, old or fat!”.

Karl Stefanovic leaving the set of the Today show, while Allison Langdon sits on the couch.. Photo: Nine
Karl Stefanovic dramatically left the set of the Today show recently. Photo: Nine

Ally’s correction came too late as Karl was already storming off set, yelling at everybody, “Fat-shaming! She’s fat-shaming again Australia! I’m going on a diet.”

Ally, 42, was left alone on the couch in disbelief, retorting, “I was paying you a compliment!”

Karl declared, “I really try, my feelings get hurt.”

Soon after the drama unfolded, Karl was shown pretending to cry against one of the studio walls, confirming it was all in jest.

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