Karl Stefanovic reveals his whole family got Covid-19: 'Pretty intense'

Karl Stefanovic has revealed his whole family tested positive for Covid-19, calling it “awful”.

The 47-year-old host was back at the Today desk alongside co-host Allison Langdon this morning, after the pair enjoyed a break over the Christmas period.

Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langson on the Today show
Karl Stefanovic has revealed his whole family caught Covid-19 over Christmas. Photo: Channel 10

And while Karl seemed to enjoy the lead-up to Christmas, posting photos from Queensland with his wife, Jasmine Stefanovic and their daughter Harper, the New Year didn’t get off to the best start.

Allison Langdon welcomed Karl back to the show, saying: “I know you had a lovely break but you’re a little croaky.”

"I am a little croaky. The last couple of weeks, going back to January 3 or 4, the whole family tested positive - the whole family went down with COVID-19," Karl said.

"It was a bit awful to tell you the truth at times, but we're all clear now.

"We got through the whole thing, and look, they say it's mild, but it's pretty intense in parts.”


Karl and Jasmine Stefanovic kissing daughter Harper
Karl and Jasmine Stefanovic spent their Christmas holidays in Queensland. Photo: Instagram/Jasmine Stefanovic
Allison Langdon looking at Karl Stefanovic on Today
Karl called the symtoms "pretty intense". Photo: Channel 10

Karl and his wife Jasmine spent the Christmas break in Brisbane celebrating with family, with Jasmine uploading a snap of the family meeting Santa on the Sunshine Coast, at Hastings Street Noosa.

Karl also took to his Instagram to upload a photo of Jasmine at the beach, wearing just a long-sleeved shirt and a hat from Loewes.

“Hey fellas great news. My mrs reckons you can by your love a really cheap beautiful hat like this one at Loewes menswear. Get some footy shorts as well. Perfect shop.,” he wrote.

On December 14th, he said his “cup runneth over” while posting a posting of Jasmine and his mum celebrating her birthday.

Over the weekend, Today fans were left puzzled after Channel Nine released a video showing Karl and Ally recreating an iconic scene from the 1994 film Pulp Fiction.

Ally dressed in black pants and a white shirt for the shoot, similar to Uma Thurman’s character Mia Wallace in the film, while Karl sported a black suit and bolo tie like John Travolta’s Vincent Vega.

The video received a mixed reaction from viewers online, with some labelling it as “unprofessional”.

Karl Stefanovic not wearing pants and Allison Langdon in a pink dress on the Today show
Karl and Ally are back on the Today show after their Christmas holidays. Photo: Instagram/Karl Stefanovic

“Why does Today management have to put us through so much pain,” one person brutally commented on Facebook.

“These two are ridiculous. I won't be watching. He needs to grow up,” another said, followed by a third who simply wrote, “Time to switch channels”.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of fans who said they loved the “fun” video and were excited for Karl and Ally’s return.

"Can’t wait for Karl and Ally to come back. Welcome back! Missed the humour!” one user shared.

“Fantastic - good job by those covering but my mornings will once again be more entertaining,” another wrote, while someone else said, "Good to have you back, you make me laugh Karl”.

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