Today viewers roast ‘ridiculous’ 2022 promo video: ‘Won’t be watching’

To celebrate Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon’s return to Today on January 17th after their summer break, the presenters have recreated quite an iconic scene from the 1994 film Pulp Fiction.

The new teaser video, which was posted across the show’s social media on Friday, features Karl and Ally dancing with their shoes off in a vintage-style diner.

Today’s Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic dancing in a diner.
Today’s Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic have recreated a famous scene from the film Pulp Fiction. Photos: Channel Nine

Ally is dressed in black pants and a white shirt, similar to Uma Thurman’s character Mia Wallace in the film, while Karl sports a black suit and bolo tie like John Travolta’s Vincent Vega.

Although Uma and John dance to the Chuck Berry song ‘You Never Can Tell’ in the original scene, where the pair compete in a twist contest, the Channel Nine promo is set to another famous track from the film, ‘Misirlou’ by Dick Dale.


“We’ve still got it Langdon,” Karl remarks, to which Ally replies, “Sure do, Karl!”.

Following the dance-off, the camera shows fellow Today presenters Brooke Boney, Tim Davies and Alex Cullen looking unimpressed.

“Looks like the morning coffee’s kicked in,” Brooke says.

The video has since received a mixed reaction from viewers online, with some labelling it as “unprofessional”.

“Why does Today management have to put us through so much pain,” one person brutally commented on Facebook.

“These two are ridiculous. I won't be watching. He needs to grow up,” another said, followed by a third who simply wrote, “Time to switch channels”.

“Wow for the fact they are out of sync, Karl's hardly moving and what this might mean for the show, it doesn't augur well,” someone else replied.

Uma Thurman and John Travolta dancing in a diner in Pulp Fiction.
The original scene features Uma Thurman and John Travolta dancing in a diner. Photo: Miramax

Meanwhile, there are plenty of fans who said they loved the “fun” video and were excited for Karl and Ally’s return.

"Can’t wait for Karl and Ally to come back. Welcome back! Missed the humour!” one user shared.

“Fantastic - good job by those covering but my mornings will once again be more entertaining,” another wrote, while someone else said, "Good to have you back, you make me laugh Karl”.

“Thrilled that Karl and Ally are back on Monday,” a different user remarked. “They make me chuckle so much when I watch the Today show every weekday.”

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