Karl Stefanovic loses it during bizarre Today segment: 'Crazy'

Karl Stefanovic couldn’t keep his composure during a strange segment about the viral trend ASMR on the Today show this morning.

When teasing the ASMR segment, both Karl and co-host Allison Langdon were in stitches as they watched videos of people creating sounds in different ways, such as eating food. Karl admitted the segment was actually his daughter’s idea.

Karl Stefanovic shown laughing, in a blue suit jacket, next to Allison Langdon who is eating Doritos, on the set of the Today show.
Karl Stefanovic lost his composure on the Today show on Friday morning. Photo: Nine

“My daughter told me if we put it on the show, we are going to be seen as cool,” he laughed.

The hosts spoke to Australian ASMR video creator Jonah Singer, who has over two million subscribers on YouTube and ASMR enthusiast Laura Nagy.

The hosts were shown by Jonah how to create ASMR, with an array of items laid out in front of them, including cup noodles, apples and chocolate.

Allison went straight for the Doritos, beginning to crinkle the pack while eating chips. Karl was unable to keep a straight face, and it was clear how ridiculous he thought the segment was.


Karl Stefanovic, Ally Langdon sit on the Today show couch with Laura Nagy and Jonah Singer.
Karl made no effort to hide his disbelief. Photo: Nine

Karl couldn’t get over the fact that so many people watch Jonah’s videos, telling the creator his first reaction was dismissive, thinking, “how can people actually like it?”

Explaining that his daughter showed him how big of a “superstar” Jonah is, he asked the pair why people are attracted to ASMR.

Laura explained that it stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, adding, “People are obsessed because it makes them feel safe. It is like an adult version of being swaddled by your mum as a baby.”

Karl found this hilarious and quipped, “Do I need to change my nappy, maybe?”

ASMR objects laid out on a table, including chocolate, Doritos, cup noodles and other interesting things.
Some of the ASMR objects included apples, cup noodles and chocolate. Photo: Nine

Jonah touched on the fact that he loves to use everyday items in strange ways, but this can be a bit of a hassle during his regular supermarket shop.

“Shopping becomes a very different experience, because now I’m just going to Coles and I’m tapping on oranges and apples trying to make sounds, people are looking at me like I’m crazy,” he added.

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