Today co-hosts Karl and Ally have an 'accident' live on-air: 'Woah'

They’ve been co-hosting Today together since 2020, but Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon had quite an awkward on-air mishap on Tuesday morning.

Off-camera, Karl accidentally spilt a boiling cup of tea all over his co-host while sports presenter Alex Cullen was introducing a segment in the early hours of the show.

Today's Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon with tea spilt all over their outfits .
Today’s Karl Stefanovic accidentally spilt burning hot tea all over Allison Langdon. Photo: Channel Nine

Raising his hands in the air, a very shocked Alex said: “Woah! We’ve just had an accident at the desk!”

The camera then panned to the two hosts sitting at the main desk, with Ally shaking her hands and attempting to wipe down her wet arms while the front of Karl’s suit was soaked.

“I went for a high five and I didn’t see her cup of tea,” he explained through giggles.


“Burning ginger and lemon tea!” Ally exclaimed as she continued to hold her hands up.

“You’re laughing,” Karl replied, before adding, “It’s so hot! Yeah, it’s hot!”

“It got everywhere!” Ally remarked.

Ever the professionals, the duo ended up continuing the show with their tea-stained outfits.

Today's Alex Cullen looking shocked.
‘Woah! We’ve just had an accident at the desk!’. Photo: Channel Nine

‘Ally is expecting a boy!’

The incident comes as Karl jokingly announced on Wednesday morning that his co-host was pregnant.

Ally was introducing a story about how life can get “pretty hectic when baby number two arrives”, with the background changing to be a bright shade of blue.

Karl, who was looking around the room and admiring the baby-related images on the blue background, interrupted and said: “Ally is expecting a boy!”

Ally went along with the joke, putting her hands on her belly and saying, “Number three!”.

“Yay! No one knew!” Karl continued while chuckling. “Aw, round of applause for Ally! Another immaculate conception.”

Ally currently has two children, a five-year-old son named Mack and a two-year-old daughter named Scout, with her husband Michael Willesee Jr.

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