Karl Stefanovic shocked by 'woke brigade': 'Just ridiculous'

Karl Stefanovic slammed the ‘woke brigade’ who are trying to stop children from eating ham sandwiches, calling it ‘ridiculous’.

His reaction comes after news the Cancer Council sent a warning to schools saying that ham sandwiches are not healthy, because of a link between processed meats and an increased risk of cancer.

Karl Stefanovic on the set of the Today show, eating a ham sandwich.
Karl Stefanovic enjoyed a ham sandwich while hosting the Today show. Photo: Nine

The Today host also took aim at the Cancer Council, as he thought it was a “massive overreaction” and “an attack on the national consciousness.”

“I mean, what is happening to this country?” he asked.

“I think this is just ridiculous, I don’t know where they get off doing this.”


Karl explained that it should be up to the children to decide if they want to eat ham or not, and admitted he’s quite a big fan of the humble ham sandwich.

“I don’t know what I would do without having a ham and cheese sandwich after a hangover on a Saturday morning,” he joked.

Karl was shown enjoying a ham sandwich while he spoke to butcher David Bligh, owner of Bringelly Pork & Bacon in Sydney.

“Have you known for some time too that these ‘woke brigade’ people have been coming at you?” Karl asked.

Picture of a ham sandwich on white bread, sitting on a white plate with a poppy design.
Parents, pork producers and butchers are furious with the advice given to schools. Photo: Nine

“There’s lots of people that bring up all sorts of issues about food and chemicals,” the butcher replied.

“But a lot of the preservatives and things that are put in ham and bacon are actually naturally occurring and also found in vegetables,” he said.

People were quick to take to Twitter to share their own opinions, with one writing: “Now I will make sure every Monday my son takes a ham sandwich to school.”

“Ham is better for you than sugary spreads,” a second added.

“Is there anything left [that] kids can eat?” a third asked.

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