Karl Stefanovic's hilarious interview with child tackled by Scott Morrison

Today host Karl Stefanovic was left in stitches on Thursday morning after chatting to the child pushed to to the ground by Scott Morrison yesterday.

The Prime Minister made headlines on Wednesday when he collided with Luca Fauvette during a friendly soccer match in Tasmania, just one day after describing himself as a ‘bulldozer’.

Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon on the set of the Today show, laughing.
Karl Stefanovic couldn't hold it together when interviewing the young boy. Photo: Nine

When introducing the segment, Karl mentioned it was ‘the best vision he’s ever seen’ of Morrison, quipping that he made a ‘big impact’ on the campaign trail.

Appearing on the Today show with his grandmother Joy Roffe, the young soccer player said he was feeling ‘good’ after being tackled the day before.

“So we were playing soccer, and I think someone tried to pass it to me, or Mr Morrison, and what happened [was] he tripped, and he was trying not to fall on top of me, so he tried to fall underneath me,” Luca told the hosts.

When quizzed by the hosts on what Morrison said after the tackle, Luca shared that “he said that I was a good sport."


Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon laugh as Luca from Tasmania holds up a red card.
The young athlete brandished a red card, causing the hosts to lose it. Photo: Nine

His grandma said that while seeing Luca fall was “a bit of a shock”, she thought Morrison did well to try and control the fall, and make sure the young boy wasn’t too badly hurt.

“Luca got up pretty well soon after, I could see he was alright,” she added.

The young athlete then held a red card in the air, declaring: “It should have been a penalty!”

Karl lost it at this point, as co-host Allison Langdon exclaimed, “What a legend!”

“Red card, red card for the PM,” Karl laughed.

In a strange twist, Allison then mentioned that Luca is “a bit of a rapper”, and asked him to “bust a rhyme” for the viewers.

Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon show off their dancing skills on the set of the Today show.
The hosts then danced as Luca showed off his rapping skills. Photo: Nine

“Knock knock, who’s there, I don’t care, I just got scared over there.

“Hey, why are you looking at me, is it ‘cause I’m seven and I’m a better emcee? You ain't blind, you can see, why are you trying to keep up with me, I’m only in first grade, but I’ve got a rapping degree.

“Sit back home boys, class is in session…We know who we are, and you can represent, to collect the rent, because you represent …

“I’ve been rapping since I was two, with only one shoe..” he rapped, before the segment finished.

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