Justin Timberlake's Reported Words During His Arrest Are The Internet's New Favorite Meme, And They're Hilarious

Earlier this week, Justin Timberlake was arrested for an alleged DWI.

Justin Timberlake's mugshot

Page Six reported that during the stop, Justin mumbled, "This is going to ruin the tour." When the cop, who was apparently unfamiliar with Justin, asked, "What tour?" Justin replied, "The world tour."

Justin Timberlake in a double-breasted blazer, black pants, and sneakers, standing against a plain wall

Now, the internet has turned those fateful words into a meme because, of course it did. Here are 20 of them.

Dreamworks / Twitter: @Nwnysb1. — Noah (@Nwnysb) June 20, 2024

Twitter: @notgwendalupe2. — popculture (@notgwendalupe) June 22, 2024
"this is gonna ruin the tour" "what tour?""the world tour" pic.twitter.com/NDHR2pQsqI

Twitter: @edgykristina3. — Kristina Hart (@edgykristina) June 21, 2024
Jesus at the last supper, looking at Judas,“this is going to ruin the world tour”

HBO / Twitter: @PinkRangerLB4. — Lyra, Esq., is NOT DAREDEVIL (@PinkRangerLB) June 21, 2024

Twitter: @forpolins5. — dani (@forpolins) June 20, 2024
penelope: im lady whistledowncolin: this is going to ruin the tourpenelope: ??????colin: the world tour

FX / Twitter: @thechosenberg6. — rosey🌹 (@thechosenberg) June 21, 2024

Heyday Films / Netflix / Twitter: @hebennigatu7. — Heben Nigatu (@hebennigatu) June 20, 2024

HBO / Twitter: @leylanocontext8. — leyla 🍒 (@leylanocontext) June 21, 2024

The White House / Twitter: @tisthepamseason9. — pamela non grata 💫 (@tisthepamseason) June 20, 2024
this is going to ruin the tour https://t.co/8wRwxCKP1H

A24 / Twitter: @deadmeatjames10. — Dead Meat (@deadmeatjames) June 20, 2024

DC Studios / Twitter: @MOULlNR0UGE11. — ijbol adjani (@MOULlNR0UGE) June 21, 2024

CBS / Jamie Squire / Getty Images / Twitter: @kjonesy158712. — Keaton (@kjonesy1587) June 22, 2024
😂😂 pic.twitter.com/W6qmzNMUgS

Twitter: @ellesep13. — Danielle Sepulveres 🌻 (@ellesep) June 19, 2024
“This is going to ruin the tour,” I whisper when my PTO request gets denied

Jerry Springer / NBC / Twitter: @alejandroxpadi14. — van watches movies (@alejandroxpadi) June 20, 2024
Justin Timberlake: ahhh fuck this is gonna ruin the tour Cop: What Tour?JT: pic.twitter.com/by0riQ1xok

Twitter: @stacheharry15. — meg🖤 (@stacheharry) June 22, 2024

Twitter: @Virginia_Brasch16. — Virginia Brasch (@Virginia_Brasch) June 21, 2024
Me, realizing I'm due to get my period on vacay: this is going to ruin the tourHubs: you booked a tour? Me: God do you even ever go on the Internet? What the hell is wrong with you

Twitter: @MediumSizeMeech17. — Meech (@MediumSizeMeech) June 20, 2024
Omg Jackson Maine you’re right pic.twitter.com/41H0DVd6Ak

Disney / Twitter: @vacaticneyes18. — jaslene🍉 (@vacaticneyes) June 21, 2024
“this is going to ruin the tour” “what tour” “the world tour” pic.twitter.com/Qquv5RteCw

Twitter: @TweetPotato31419. — m@thew (@TweetPotato314) June 20, 2024
[agustus gloop falls into the chocolate river]me: *under my breath* this is going to ruin the tour

Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation via Getty Images / Twitter: @musicstruggles120. And finally:— music struggles & wins (@musicstruggles1) June 20, 2024
this is going to ruin the tour https://t.co/mnZQflxA7p