Julia Fox divides opinion in daring outfit while smoking inside: 'Iconic'

Uncut Gems star Julia Fox has stepped out in yet another revealing number, leaving very little to the imagination.

The star attended the CFDA Awards in a turtleneck dress designed by VALERIEVI, with black fabric draped from her neck to her ankles. The dress boasted a large cutout in the middle, showing off her black lingerie underneath.

L: Julia Fox wearing a black cut out dress showing off her lingerie. R: Back of Julia Fox's cut out black dress showing off her lingerie.
Julia Fox's outfit choice showed off her toned figure. Photo: Getty

Her underwear was decorated with roses made from fabric, and she wore her hair slicked back with a slight silver highlight.

The actress explained that she was trying to highlight ageing, telling an interviewer at the event that her hair was “a love letter to getting older”.


She also showed off her signature bleached brows and labelled her unique style 'Granny Glam' on Instagram.

Julia finished off her look with a custom rectangular Edie Parker lighter bag, which retails for $1095 online. The clever accessory contains a slot where you can slip in a lighter, with the non-customised bag reading ‘POT IS HOT’ on the outside.

Two photos of Julia Fox lighting a joint with her handbag and smoking it inside
The star was seen using her bag to light what appeared to be a joint. Photo: Twitter

The star’s boxy black version has ‘FOX’ written on the outside, and the star used it to light what appears to be a joint during a video.

Fans were divided when it came to her polarising look, with many praising the star.

“Now this is HOT,” one person wrote on Twitter, with another saying she was “truly iconic”.

“Telling my future kids this was the most important woman of our generation,” a third added.

“The amount of extra I strive to be,” another chimed in, while a fan added that they ‘want to be her so badly’.

However, many people admitted they thought she was YouTuber Jeffree Star for a moment.

“She looks like an elf from Lord of the Rings,” one person observed.

“This looked painful for some reason,” added a second, with another saying she ‘looks terrible’.


“It’s giving Dobby from Harry Potter somehow,” quipped a fourth.

“I don’t understand why the eyebrows…or the no eyebrow thing…is she trying to make it a thing?” asked another.

“Did someone forget their shirt?” a fan joked.

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