Julia Fox's 'creepy' outfit divides fans: 'WTF?'

Actress Julie Fox is known for shocking fans with daring outfits, and her latest latex look has again divided fans.

The Uncut Gems star shared a photo on her Instagram of her wearing black knee-high boots, a tight latex mini skirt and a latex bra with metal detail under a black jacket.

She completed the look with a handbag held above her head that was made out of a computer keyboard.

"I wish you could see this bag better, it was made out of a computer keyboard and we used electrical tape for the boots and can we just stop and look at this latex top with the metal detail, I just can’t," she captioned the image.

Julia Fox poses in a latex outfit, holding a bag above her head.
Julia Fox divides fans with her latest daring outfit. Source: Instagram

Many fans loved the look, with one saying she was an "icon" while another described the look as "beautiful".

"You are fashion," one commented.

"So pretty," another said.

However the star divided fans with the bold outfit, with some less than impressed by the star's look.

"WTF?" a follower wrote.

"Looks like someone actively trying to look like s**t ... I think Julia's talented but these looks are creepy," another savage comment read.

It comes after the star divided fans in August after she donned a revealing latex two-piece, held together with metal rings across her cleavage and hip.

Some of her fans adored her daring look, saying that she was serving the "slayage of the century".

Julia Fox wears a latex two-piece held together with metal rings.
Her bizarre outfit was compared to 'garbage bags'. Photo: Getty

“Each time I see her an item of material is removed from her clothing and I don’t even mind it,” one fan joked.

“How [the f**k] did she pull this off? She’s incredible,” another chimed in.

“If you look like that you can do and wear whatever you want. Facts,” a third added.

However, there were plenty of people who slammed the star’s outfit.

“Looks like a garbage bag held together with super glue and silver metal hangers from Kmart,” one person observed.

“Can she not afford the whole shirt and pants?” a second asked.

“The way I’m trying to understand the mechanics of this…is it even a dress? I’ll just call it covering,” added another.

“This is the worst outfit I’ve ever seen in my life,” a fan declared.

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