Jock Zonfrillo's daughter celebrates first birthday without him: 'Unfair and unbearable'

"For Jock to miss these days seems unfair and unbearable, and another of the firsts we are pushing through as a family."

The wife of late MasterChef star Jock Zonfrillo has shared an emotional gallery on Instagram of their daughter celebrating her first birthday without her beloved 'Papa'.

The world was rocked by the shock death of Jock Zonfrillo earlier this year, with the chef found dead at 2am in Melbourne on May 1, after police received a call requesting a “welfare check”.

Jock is survived by his third wife, Lauren Fried, and his four children, Alfie, Isla, Ava and Sophie. The family were celebrating Isla's birthday over the weekend, with Lauren sharing the poignant moments on Jock's personal Instagram account.

Lauren Fried pictured with Isla Zonfrillo and Jock Zonfrillo pictured with Isla
Jock's daughter Isla has had her first birthday without her dad. Photo:

"We had Isla’s first birthday party without her Papa. Jock would have been up all night the day before, the first one out of bed in the morning. Menu planning for weeks. Then I would have fallen asleep on Jock’s chest after the party, talking through how it went, if Isla had a good time, did people eat and drink enough, would she remember any of it," Lauren captioned the post.

"This year I did a BBQ and the rest of the food was outsourced to my sister and Mark. @avazonfrillo blew up the balloons. Uber delivered the cake. I cried as I dressed the kids. I fell asleep without Jock," she continued.

Jock Zonfrillo's wife Lauren with their two kids Alfie and Isla
Jock Zonfrillo's wife Lauren with their two kids. Photo:

"This exact day last year we were flying back from Rome, having started the plan for our new life together in Italy. A dream that never came to be."


"For Jock to miss these days seems unfair and unbearable, and another of the firsts we are pushing through as a family. But our little ones are finding joy again, they are being the happy and cheeky children they always were, and I’m grateful that life keeps dragging us forward day by day," she finished the post.

People were quick to send their love to the family, including MasterChef judge Andy Allen.

"So much Papa in that little legend ❤️ Happy birthday Isla!," Andy said.

"Big love ❤️ happy birthday Isla!," MasterChef's Brent Draper said.

"Happy Birthday to little Isla, and eternal love to all you 🫶🏼," Grace Tame commented.

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