MasterChef viewers left heartbroken over Jock Zonfrillo moment: 'Bittersweet'

The late Scottish-born chef's witty quip left viewers somber.

MasterChef fans have been left heartbroken over a ‘bittersweet’ moment between Jock Zonfrillo, contestant Theo Loizou and former winner Emilia Jackson on the show.

The beloved judge was farewelled at a private funeral in Sydney on Saturday morning. The Glasgow-born star was found dead at 2am in Melbourne on May 1, after police received a call requesting a “welfare check”.

Jock Zonfrillo on Masterchef 2023
MasterChef fans were left heartbroken over one moment in particular on the show. Photo: Channel 10

On Tuesday night’s episode of the Channel 10 show, fans were left somber after watching the chef’s witty quip while doing a walk around during a cook.

‘Australia's queen of choux’, Emelia Jackson set a pressure test challenge for the contestants on Tuesday night, where they had to create either a sweet or savoury dish with her choux pastry recipe.

Contestant Theo Loizou, who worked in a Parisienne boulangerie for years, decided to whip up a sweet dish in order to win over the judges' praises.

“What’s the dish mate,” Jock asked Theo, after arriving at his workstation with guest judge Emilia.


MasterChef contestant Theo Loizou
Contestant Theo Loizou wanted to impressive the judges with his recipe. Photo: Channel 10

“I’m making lemon curd filled choux with a meringue on top,” Theo responded.

Jock went on to question Theo, asking him: “Have you made choux pastry before?”

“I have actually, yeah,” Theo responded, with Jock putting on a funny face and responding: “Well alright then”.

Emilia then joined the conversation, giving Theo some past advice as a former contestant and winner of the show.

Former MasterChef winner Emilia Jackson on the 2023 season of the show
Former MasterChef winner Emilia Jackson was back for the 2023 series. Photo: Channel 10

“First lesson Theo, always say no,” she said.

Theo then jokingly backtracked, saying: “Yeah, I’ve never done this before and I’m really worried about it.”

“Undersell, overdeliver,”” Emilia said.

Fans took to the comments section after a video of the moment was posted to the official MasterChef page, with one person writing: “Bittersweet Moment with Jock and Emelia.”

“Going to Miss Jocks Humour so much,” another person wrote.

“Aww jock's humour he was so funny. I love Emilia though so super pumped for tonight ,” one fan of the show wrote.

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