Jimmy and Holly address engagement rumours after suspicious post

It’s been almost a year since Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston filmed the finale of The Bachelor, and in that time they’ve moved in together, launched their “passion project” and travelled all around the world.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, the couple opened up about life after reality TV and addressed the engagement rumours which emerged after they posted a suspicious photo on social media.

The Bachelor’s Jimmy and Holly at Diamond Beach in Bali / The Bachelor’s Jimmy and Holly on FaceTime with Jimmy’s parents.
The Bachelor’s Jimmy and Holly have addressed engagement rumours after posting a suspicious Instagram Story on FaceTime with Jimmy’s parents (right), and a photo in Bali with a cryptic caption (left). Photos: Instagram/jimmynicholson

Back in February Jimmy shared an Instagram Story of himself and Holly on FaceTime with his parents in Fiji, and eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that Holly was holding up her hand as if she was showing off an engagement ring, which had been cropped out of the snap.

However, the pair assert that the situation simply blew out of proportion and they didn’t actually realise that their post could have been misleading.

“I think my hand was in the shot with my ring from The Bachelor on my right ring finger,” Holly explains.

“And I think in reality she was probably trying to hit me over the head for saying something stupid,” Jimmy adds.


“But honestly, we would never try and clickbait people with that kind of stuff. Unless it’s obvious, like in Bali at Diamond Beach where there was a diamond-shaped rock in the background and I wrote, ‘Can you spot the diamond?’.”

“Oh, ‘but we never try and do that!’” Holly laughs, before adding, “When the day comes, I’m sure Instagram will be one of the first platforms to find out. It’ll go, mum, dad, mum, dad, Instagram.”

'There was pretty much everything against us'

Although Jimmy and Holly might not be getting married anytime soon, they made the transition from dating to living together in September last year.

“We started a relationship by moving in together straight off of reality TV, pretty much a month after the show aired. So we’d seen each other only a few times by the time we decided to take the plunge,” Holly remarks.

“And then you go through all the media scrutiny together, I got my social media back after a few months and dealing with all of that, and starting a business. So there was a lot of pressure and there was pretty much everything against us, and I feel like now we’ve kind of gotten to a point where we actually just feel like normal people when we walk down the street.”

“I think people now realise, they go, ‘Oh they’re still together, they must actually like each other’,” Jimmy says.

“At the start, it was like, ‘They’re only together to keep people happy’ or ‘They want fame, they won’t last a minute’. And now it’s like, ‘No, yeah we’re still here!’.”

The Bachelor’s Jimmy and Holly in their apartment after moving in together.
Jimmy and Holly moved in together a month after the finale of The Bachelor aired on TV. Photo: Instagram/jimmynicholson

'It's awkward talking about money'

While the past few months have seen the couple getting used to each other’s quirks - “Jimmy’s a very noisy eater” - they’ve managed to stay on top of their finances and understand their spending habits with ANZ’s Your Money Report.

“One of the biggest reasons why we thought ANZ was a good alignment to partner up with is that the first kind of quarrels that we had were about finances, because it's such an awkward thing when you first move in with someone to expose yourself like that,” Holly explains.

“It’s awkward talking about money when you're in a new relationship, and it made us realise that actually, we both have bad habits,” Jimmy says, adding that the amount of money he spent at hardware stores last year was “pretty scary”.

“You don't want to push it on the other person, so it’s really great to have a third party where you can go, ‘It’s not me telling you that you're spending too much, you are spending too much because look at this’.

“We're having less fights about money now, which is great.”

You can learn more about ANZ's Your Money Report here.

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